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How to make money through (Bitcoin) on your blog

Simple Guide and Tricks to make Money online by Cypto Currency, Skills to earn more BTC (Bitcoin, Ether) in Forex-Trading.

This is another great way of making money online, because most of the forbes and entrepreneurs in the world now are doing forex trading. You need to learn about trading before going into it, so there are many websites and entrepreneurs that offer online classes for new trader that wants to join forex trading and make money through buying and selling of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETHER) and other coins in the digital currency market.

Bitcon and Ether are the 2 major and popular digital currency that most people buy and sell in Forex-Trading.

However, you are new to Trading or you don't know much on how to acquire skills to gain more profit on your Bitcoin. That's why you need to learn and attend many online courses.

Some professional traders sell their eBook online at a very cheap price, even some gives out free books for new trader to learn and acquire more skills in Bitcoin (BTC) market.

Some traders and webmasters make use of mining software and Apps to generate and boost their Bitcoin wallet.


The best idea! as a trader is to have skills and tricks to sell your market in a larger value than your competitors. It doesn't matter what experience you have before in trading, but all you need to do is to acquire skills in everything you are doing.

As a trader, either you are trading Bitcoin or Etherum or other coin, your primary aims and objectives is to buy smaller and sell larger to make extra profit.

What are your goals, if this is your thought.
You don't need to bother yourself so much, because once you have known your thought that's also your goals and you need to work towards it.
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If you really wants to be successful in crypto currency trading which it's Bitcoin and others.

These are the first target for you.

  1. Keep your wallet pin save.
  2. Apply for online courses.
  3. Associate with professional traders.
  4. Join Affiliate to make extra profit.
  5. Accept Bitcoin as method of payment from your users and customers.

1. Keep your wallet pin save.
In order not to lost your earnings to hackers and scammers, the best idea is to keep your Bitcoin wallet pin/password secure.
Don't share anyone your pin if they told you to help you boost your wallet earnings.

2. Apply for online courses.
There are many website that can guide you in Forex-Trading on how to make extra money from bitcoin if you search for them on Google. Beware of some Facebook miners that may asked for wallet address and pin. Though you may find some trader's that may help you on Facebook group.

3. Associate with professional traders.
Join many trustee traders that are making sells on the net to improve your trading skills, by selling Bitcoin quicker in large value once the market price high.

4. Join Affiliate to make extra Profit.
This is the main such of making more money from bitcoin if you are a trader.
Join the affiliate program of the website you are trading on, and invite your friends to join with your affiliate Link. This will fetch you more money than even trading Bitcoin, because you are going to get a commission of 10% (percent) from the earnings of all traders you refers. This looks good in Bitcoin trading, because you can make a sum of $100 every week if you are an online tutor before, or a group admin.
How to make Money online by teaching tutorial.
This above Link will also guide you on how to gather members for your affiliate Link to be visited by people you are teaching to make extra amount of money.

5. Accept Bitcoin as method of payment from your users and customers.
This is also where the above link will help you to make extra money from bitcoin while you are offering online tutorial class for people that wants to learn from you.
If you are also selling any items or ebooks online, accept bitcoin as a method of payment so this can easily boost your wallet and make huge amount of money from crypto currency which is digital currency in Forex-Trading.
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Notes: Always follow up the price of Bitcoin everyday when you are in market.

You can choose the extract time and hours you wants to trade in a day.

Make sure you opted out once you finished your trading for a certain day.

Don't put it in mind of withdrawing your daily earnings or one week earnings, because as much as you stay in the market is as much as Bitcoin you will earn to your wallet.

Trade appropriately, to make more earnings and more money from Bitcoin in Forex-Trading.

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