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Betpawa Virtual Cheat 2023

Latest Cheats & Tricks to Win Betpawa Virtual Football 2023

This Betpawa Virtual cheat is 100% sure to Win, and it is working perfectly once you play the game exactly has it is indicated inside VFL MENTOR 4 & 5 PDF ebook by Sharplilo and sharpestarena website.

You have take the right step today for reading this post and if it's true you are tired of losing everyday on Betpawa Virtual Football, it remains few step for you to start Winning every time you play virtual football on Betpawa.
In this article, I will analyse all the key points you need to start Winning on Betpawa, including the main targeted areas such as -:

>> Betpawa Virtual Football Tips
>> Betpawa Virtual Football Tricks
>> Betpawa Virtual Football Cheats
>> Betpawa Virtual Football Strategies
>> Betpawa Virtual Football Prediction

Virtual football league was programmed with RNG (Random Number Generator) which comprises of 3 disc templates, such as -:

Full details of RNG is inside (SHARPEST FORMULA 101) PDF ebook, while (VFL MENTOR 3) PDF ebook explains the 3 branches of RNG and how it works.

Over2.5 Sure odds and Teams

There are some sure odds and teams that normally play over2.5 goals on Betpawa Virtual and those odds has been analzed inside (VFL MENTOR 4) PDF ebook under (OVER2.5) hacking Tricks.

Sure odds = 1.36
Sure odds = 1.40.
Sure odds = 2.11.
Sure odds = 1.54.

ARS - EVE - pick 1.36odds has their sure over2.5.
AST - WHU - pick 1.36odds has their sure over2.5.

MCI - AST - pick 1.40odds has their sure over2.5.
WHU - MCI - pick 1.40odds has their sure over2.5.

WOL - MCI - pick 2.11odds has their sure over2.5.
NEW - LEI - pick 2.11odds has their sure over2.5.

LIV - SOU - pick 1.54odds has their sure over2.5.
AST - LEI - pick 1.54odds has their sure over2.5.

More sure odds for over2.5 goals is inside (VFL MENTOR 4) for our (4 Major Teams) paired together with their targeted teams, including other criteria’s that will make it 100% sure to win.
Using “League Activator Pattern” is also one of the best strategies to hack betpawa virtual football league, especially the GG (btts), over2.5 and over3.5 goals inside (VFL MENTOR 5) pdf ebook.

Our 4 Major Teams 
>> MCI
>> LIV
>> ARS
>> EVE

These are the (4 Major Teams) we used to cracked down virtual football league RNG algorithms on every bookies.

Best Targeted Teams 
MCI -————> LEI + AST + WHU + NEW
LIV —————> SOU + BUR + BHA + WOL
ARS —————> MCI + LIV + LEI + EVE
EVE —————> BHA + NEW + AST + CHE

Best targeted teams are the teams that normally play over2.5, 3.5 and GG in most time they meet anyone of (Our 4 Major Teams) with their sure odds and especially when they are in scoring form.

Teams with Highest Over2.5

MCI.        carries 95%.
LIV.         carries 90%.
AST.        carries 80%.
LEI.         carries 80%.
WHU.       carries 80%.
SOU.        carries 70%.

Teams with Highest GG (btts)

AST.        carries 90%.
NEW.      carries 90%.
WHU.     carries 80%.
SOU.       carries 70%
MUN.      carries 60%.
EVE.       carries 60%.

Teams with Highest Under2.5

BRE.         carries 80%.
WOL.        carries 70%.
CRY.          carries 70%.
CHE.         carries 60%.

Teams with Highest Scoring Power

MNC.       Ranging from 4 - 12.
LIV.          Ranging from 4 - 12.
CHE.        Ranging from 4 - 10.
EVE.        Ranging from 4 - 8.
LEI.          Ranging from 4 - 8.
SOU.        Ranging from 4 - 8.
WHU.       Ranging from 4 - 8.
MUN.       Ranging from 4 - 8.

Virtual football league was divided into (3 Teams Category), which are -:
Strong Teams 
Balance Teams
Weak Teams.

The ‘3 Teams Category’ table is inside (VFL MENTOR 4) pdf ebook which comprises of (6 Strong Teams), (9 Balance Teams), and (5 Weak Teams) all because we have 20 teams on Premier League, Laliga and Italiano virtual football on Betpawa, Sportybet, Bet9ja, Betking, Odibets, Zanzibet, 1xbet, Betika, Betway and other bookmakers.

We have “Signal and Indicator” for Our 4 Major Teams paired together with their targeted teams sure over1.5, over2.5 odds and correct scores inside (VFL MENTOR 4) book.
You will also see 5 criteria’s for predicting virtual football league on Betpawa.

League Activator Pattern 

This is one of the best strategy to win virtual football on betpawa because all leagues was programmed to have a “League Activator” and that team will be the team that will have the highest over2.5 and over3.5 in that particular league.

That team themselves will score 4 or more goals in some matches while they’ll also concede 4 or more goals in some games they played.

Any team can be the (League Activator), and to identify such team is very simple. Just check the (Week 1-5) matches of the league season to find out the team that played “Over2.5 goals” in (4-5 Week).
Secondly: That particular team most played “Over3.5 goals” 2 or 3 times out of the 5 matches, and they must (Score 4 or more goals) on their own, while they must also (Concede 3 or more goals) on their own.
The “signal and indicator“, “Scorelines” with full explanation is inside (VFL MENTOR 4) pdf ebook. 

There are series of Secrets and Cheats inside our pdf ebook that I can’t unveil inside this post. So, my aims and objectives for you is to get a copy of our book if you want to win big everyday on Betpawa virtual football league for 2023 and this book is latest update that relegated teams has been replaced with promoted teams.

Teams Accuracy 

Anytime MCI play over4.5 or more goals in previous match before meeting teams that will be listed below, it is 90% sure they’ll play (Over2.5).
1. AST
2. LIV 
3. SOU
4. WHU
5. NEW
6. LEI

Anytime LIV play over4.5 or more goals in previous match before meeting teams that will be listed below, it is 90% sure they’ll play (Over2.5).
1. WHU
2. BUR
3. EVE
4. SOU
5. MCI
6. WOL

Anytime EVE play over5.5 or more goals in previous match before meeting teams that will be listed below, it is 90% sure they’ll play (Over2.5).
1. NEW
2. BHA
3. LIV
4. CHE
5. AST
6. LEI

Teams Accuracy full analysis is inside (VFL MENTOR 4) pdf ebook with the “Signal and Indicator” table, including the SCORELINES to follow.

Media Method 

This is also one of the best strategies to win virtual football league on betpawa and every other bookies because it is easy to calculate quickly and place your bet.
Media Method is to remove the lowest odd, highest odd, and odds that appears 2times, then pick the middle odd among the remaining odds.
For example:
To calculate Media, remove 1.71, remove 1.76, remove 1.72.
Then it remains 1.73, 1.74, 1.75.
The Media is 1.74.

Full explanation and statistical table for “Media Method” is inside (VFL MENTOR 4) where you will see the calculation for (over1.5 and 2.5) including (under1.5 and 2.5) analysis and sure odds to stake.

Predators & Activators

Virtual football league has 2 goals market, means match can either result to (OVER or UNDER), the same thing apply to real football betting.
That’s the reason why VFL was programmed with PREDATORS & ACTIVATORS.

Predators are teams that normally play (UNDER) in most of their matches.
Activators are teams that normally play (OVER) in most of their matches.

So, we’ve 2 types of PREDATORS & ACTIVATORS.
1. General Predators 
2. Common Predators.

1. General Predators -: Are used to step-down goals for all the teams on the league table because they are programmed to play (UNDER) more than (OVER).

2. Common Predators -: Are used to minimize goals for some particular teams of their caliber and especially those that are in scoring form.

1. General Activators 
2. Common Activators.

1. General Activators -: Are programmed to play (OVER) in most of their matches, either Home or Away.

2. Common Activators -: Are used to boost up goals for some particular teams of their caliber and as a matter of facts they are targeted teams.

The full list of PREDATORS & ACTIVATORS is inside (VFL MENTOR 3) pdf ebook. Don’t let me just be writing note here because the short key points that is straight forward is inside the book.
There are many cheats and strategies inside sharplilo and sharpestarena pdf ebook that are easy to use for winning virtual football league which bookies can never block those cheats because they are unblockable. 

Without further Ado, all you need is (VFL MENTOR 3, 4 & 5).

You can also get (SHARPEST FORMULA 101) pdf ebook inorder to use one hundred and one formulas to win big quickly per daily basis.
Such as TRIO, EDGE, PERIOD, ONE ON ONE, RAPID, TOH A & B, MATRIX and other formulas.

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Your winning is Assured.

If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment session below.

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    1. League Activator will have highest numbers of over2.5 goals which means they will play from 24-30 over2.5 goals out of 38 weeks.

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