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Mtn: WhatsApp free browsing cheat and low call rate.

Wow! This is another special offers from MTN, WhatsApp free browsing, low call rate, and more.

Though I can call it a cheat but at the same time, it is brought willingly by Mtn itself. 

Mtn introduce this offer to grab attention of some subscribers, especially those who uses WhatsApp much in their daily basis. 

WhatsApp is now part of our business, for many of us that attend to customers online. 

This Mtn free browsing cheat works only for WhatsApp, and with low call rate. This is one of the MTN giant tariff plan that you will enjoy.

  Features of New better MTN Tariff Plan.

1. Affordable call rates.
2. Free WhatsApp.
3. Birthday Freebies. 
And more. 

 To join this Mtn tariff plan, dial *344*1#. 

Shine with MTN mPulse.

Always visit www.Sharpestarena.com for more MTN browsing cheat and special offers.

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