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Fastest tip to became famous and popular in Nigerian universities

Everyone wants to be popular in school, wants to have all the attention, guys wants to have all the fine chicks hovering over them and wants to be part or the coolest clique on campus or the big boys on campus while girls also want to be part of the big girls on campus and wants all the attention all to themselves and wants big boys hovering over them too,so if you want to be popular or the coolest kid in school this is the article for you read carefully on how you can be popular with these few easy steps

1. Appearance
 Well appearance is everything ,appearance really matters it's the way you appear you will be addressed so if you appear tattered and dirty you will be treated like trash that's just the way life is but if you appear neat and smart people will treat you nicely some people might even like your sense of fashion thereby they will want to talk to you . Boys appearance is not all about is not about wearing  the trending jean or shirt its about being smart and girls appearance is not all about wearing the trending blouse or wig or skirt or flashy makeup its all about being smart don't be pushed to be living a fake life stay real!!!!

2. Be confident and original
If you want to be popular you have to build your confidence yes you cannot become confident overnight you have to start first by accepting who you are that will go a long way ,be bold to speak up ,make friends you never know you guys might have the same interests  to get noticed you have to be original you have a unique way which you can stand out with ,you dont have to pretend to like the same things other people like so you can be popular be oroginal

3. Making friends 
Try making friends this will get you into into relationships with this people will notice you more and lucky for you,you and your friends might become  popular on campus, be good to your friends let them know you care for them lend a helping hand when they need it and always have their back ,don't be a shy to make friends and smile always

4. Join a club in school or get involved in extra curricular activities
 The most effective way of getting popular in school is getting involved in extra curricular activities this way you are throwing yourself out to the school to get noticed for instance if you are part of the football club you will get popular overnight and get wowed by the girls in school 

5. Be yourself 
You have to be yourself and dont try too hard it comes easily being popular is based on your personality , you are unique in your own way and people will definitely love you for who you are dont act fake be real.


Remember its easy to be popular and cool in school as long as you are yourself be yourself don't act fake or project a fake life so you can be popular it doesn't last avoid peer pressure

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