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How to Win #500K on Virtual Football League, (PART 1).

This is a simple Tricks & Tips on how to win #500,000 naira on Virtual Football League, such as Bet9ja, Surebet24/7, Nairabet, WGB, 1960bet, Betking, Betradar, Merrybet, Lionsbet, Sportybet, and other Virtual League.

You visit this page today because you have tired of losing to bet9ja virtual league everyday. Now congrats for been here, let me take you to the next level and help you recover back all your lost so far and also make a large extra income.


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Meaning of Vfl is also the meaning of Virtual football league.

What is Vfl.

Vfl means - Virtual football league.

What is virtual football league.

Virtual football league is a computer version of real (football) soccer which was converted to animation for faster betting result.

How is virtual football programmed.

Virtual football is programmed by a basic sport mechanics software, computerized with the statistics collated for each teams, such as power, ability, responsiveness, agility, form, and awareness.

Bet9ja Virtual is programmed by betradar virtual football software, which bookmarkers doesn't have access to the virtual match results because it was standardized by (RNG) random number generator.

How to play Virtual football (soccer).

If you want to start playing virtual football, firstly visit Bet9ja website and click on (Bet9ja League).

I can see you happy now and smile without reading the remaining article but you needs to work harder inorder to achieve this large extra income.

Life is a risk, while no success for a lazy man. (You needs to claim, aim, and dream) about what you want to achieve then you work towards it.

Dn't give up if you haven't meet your goals, always stay strong and believe that you can do it.

Sharpest Arena is the best virtual football league tips site, where you can see Virtual premier league table, and laliga.

Though Virtual Football League is Automatically programmed but dnt let anyone deceive you that you can't see a working cheat non trick.
We have latest Betking, Merrybet, and Bet9ja virtual cheat and correct score trick.

everything created by a man must have a (duplicate copy) which can be created by another man.
Selling of Virtual cheat and Real Football Tickets is our business and our Profession, and everything comes out from our website is reliable and trust worthy.

Today, I will show you;
How to win virtual soccer, which is 'How to win virtual football'.
Virtual soccer prediction.
How to win Nairabet Virtual game.
How to win sportybet Virtual.

Once you are ready to make money from Virtual football, read and study the tricks and tips you come here for and always make use of it.

Nairabet Vfl Cheat, 
Nairabet Vfl winning formula - Nairabet virtual football league winning formula will also be analyzed in this page, then you can order for (Nairabet Virtual premier league cheats).
Virtual bet calculator is used for "bet9ja virtual soccer cheat".

There are many things you need to know before playing virtual, such as:

1. Virtual football league Strategies.
2. Virtual football league Formular.
3. Virtual football league Secrets.
4. Virtual football league Analysis.
5. Virtual football league Tips & Tricks.

Once you put all this in mind, the next thing to know is listed below:

>> How to Predict and win Virtual football.
>> Which Virtual odds are save to bet on.
>> Which Virtual week did big odds drop.
>> Which week did most Virtual teams score o1.5 & o2.5 goals.
>> List of Virtual teams that like GG (btts).
>> What are the best options to be playing on Virtual.

Now, you are moving with the train. in this Article, i will do everything for you and give you the (penalty to play) and if you can't score, that's your own cup of tea.

I have made all the virtual football league analysis for some years and have become an expert to won any amount of cash even if i dn't make use of Virtual football killer such as:


Because i have Already memorise what every odds are going to deliver, though it changes in some circumstances but once the first bet failed, i will rearrange the strategies immediately to overcome the next matches and won, 100% sure.

If you follow this story has it will be posted below, you cannot (loose two or three matches) in a row before you won.

Expert is here coaching you, sit down very well and find a cup of tea before we get down to business.

You dn't need to doubt or afraid after getting this big opportunity. the next thing for you is to start making cash everytime and day and also remember to contact boss for the Original 'BET9JA VIRTUAL CHEAT' that works like magic, contact: 08100057327.

Here, you will see virtual football prediction such as: over1.5, over2.5, o3.5, o4.5, under1.5, under2.5, under3.5, under4.5.

Over1.5 strategy pdf is in our (free vfl calculator), later you can download the vfl calculator APK.

Before you come to read this article, I know you would have read many 'Bet9ja Virtual Cheat' on different sites such as:

Many people 'predict Virtual Football' the way they predict live football matches because they think they are good soccer punters and find themselves in lost at the end.

Some people will likes to download (Virtual Football Calculator APK).
It is now available on Google Play store and on Virtual Sports Games Online.

But I can tell you that you can only see Virtual soccer predictions on Wapjotter.com and Sharpest Arena if you want to focus on 'Virtual soccer bet'.

Nice, you are here to learn all your mistakes and to start a winning career.
you are not going to be winning all the virtual games with the tutorial you will learn here but 70%.
If you order for our "Bet9ja virtual cheat 2019" then i can tell you winning is 100% all the time you play.

This is (how to play virtual football) as you seen in the photo above. Either you went to play at a betting shop or through your phone, you will firstly write down the hints you saw on our website and compare it with the virtual matches you wants to play. Once it is tally with the one we posted, play it directly, it is 100% sure to win.

Virtual football league cheats: can also be used for "betradar virtual football", and you'll make huge (big) money.

Use the tips exactly as we told you to do in order not to find yourself lost at the end.

I want to give you confirm and pure Virtual football prediction instead of virtual football league tips and tricks.
Here you will also get (Virtual football secrets, and betting strategies).

Before I move to How to win bet9ja virtual 2019.

This tutorial is a gradual process and you can't know everything once, if this (Part 1) finished kindly come again to our website for (Part 2).

I made nothing less than (#20,000 naira) from virtual football in the first day I came across the "hacked virtual cheat" generated by hacking software.

I made use of the Virtual cheat and combined the hints that will be posted below to it inorder to make sure the game is 100% sure to play.

I don't believe that Virtual Football have a cheat or tricks some years ago I started playing it. That time, Bet9ja has not exist, I started with 1960bet virtual football and lost all my money on it everyday.

There was a time i play virtual soccer with my school fees and virtual eat everything, while I was so sad that day.

That time, many webmasters and soccer punters doesn't have much interest in virtual soccer, so you can't see anyone talking about 'virtual tips or prediction'.

Later, after some years, I become a good soccer punter that forecast games daily for people on my website.

One day I came across a website on the net where an expert soccer tipster talk about a virtual football league cheat, though I don't believe that time as you also doubt today.

I kept it in mind because am afraid of scam, but later on, I realized that why can't I subscribe for the cheat first and later on if I got scammed, I will forgot it because the money I have lost from this Virtual football is too much and I need to recover it back.

I give the cheat a trial, and I started "monitoring virtual football" everyday and night.

All my aims is that I must won back all the money I have lost to virtual, in the past.

I keep on using the cheat and also gathering some more strategies myself and I study the virtual hardly to know the outcome of each odds given to every virtual premier league teams.

I got a jotter to recorded all the virtual statistics and hiding secrets.
I works on the virtual odds calculation with the virtual football calculator I bought online.

If I kept my money and also afraid of scam, I will never won back all my money from virtual.
Bet9ja Virtual pay back all the money I lost to 1960bet Virtual, and am still cashing out from virtual till today.

I decided to give out this virtual hints to all the Virtual lovers outside there so you can also make a huge amount of money from Virtual football.

I want to tell you the secret of (how you can make #500,000naira above from Virtual Football in a week), if you turn it to personal business.

Virtual Money Estimation.

Do you know that Bet9ja, Nairabet, and others make the highest percentage income everyday on Virtual football.

"95% lost out of 100%" of people that play Virtual everyday because it is hard to predict.

The bookmarkers made a 'profit of 85%' everyday on Real Soccer, Football.

In ratio 100:100
95:85 goes to the bookmakers while 15:5 goes to me and you that play everyday.

This is the time to think deeply, while bookmakers made Million+ everyday, why can't you made a little amount from the money.

Don't fool yourself, don't let betting companies collect your hard earn money all the time.

Only a fool will taught his/her is the wise person and will decided not to look for advice anywhere.

You are lucky! For been here because you want to take back revenge from Virtual football and recover back your lost money.

Don't be discouraged, Virtual have a working cheat. click here to see it, Bet9ja Virtual Cheat and Correct Scores.

 PART 1. 

England Premier League Virtual Football Table.

1. ARS                     arsenal.
2. BOU                    bournemouth.
3. BRI                      brighton.
4. BUR                     burnley.
5. CAR                     cardiff.
6. CHE                     chelsea.
7. CRY                      crystal.
8. EVE                      everton.
9. FUL                      fulham.
10. HUD                   huddersfield.
11. LEI                      leicester.
12. LIV                      liverpool.
13. MNC                   man city.
14. MUN                   man u.
15. NWC                   newcastle.
16. SOU                    southampton.
17. TOT                     totteham.
18. WAT                   watford.
19. WHU                  westham.
20. WOL                   wolves.




ARS have the Ability to collect the league cup (trophy) once or non in every '10 complete season', but at times they can collect "twice" depending on the virtual league Number programming acceleration.

ARS has the ability to defeat the smaller teams than the bigger teams in every (Home and Away matches).

HOME        AWAY     -     AWAY       HOME
ARS             FUL.              FUL             ARS.
70%            30%                40%            60%

ARS             HUD.      -     HUD            ARS.
70%             30%              50%            50%

ARS             BRI.       -      BRI              ARS.
60%             40%              55%            45%

ARS             WOL.     -      WOL          ARS.
60%              40%              53%           47%

ARS             WHU.     -      WH           ARS.
60%              40%               59%          41%

This above illustration doesn't tell you ARS is going to be winning every home matches if they face any of the listed teams.
there are conditions you need to apply as a formula before you conclude the best option to give to them if they face any of the Above listed teams.


Turn Virtual football to money making machine, (Watch below video).

See our, Latest Bet9ja Virtual Cheat Prove, If you buy our PDF.

The cheat indicate HUD vs FUL match as over3.5 goals, Now we want to play the match, see the screenshot image below.
We have play the match, Now let's see the virtual match result of the HUD vs FUL we just play, in the screenshot below.
The game won. Our virtual cheat is 100% reliable, tested & trusted by thousands of subscribers.

Now we wants to play another game, the cheat indicate CAR vs HUD match as over3.5 goals, see the screenshot below.
Now, let's see the virtual match result for the CAR vs HUD game we select, in the screenshot below.
The game won again. We can never deceive you bcos this is our own business.

The teams which their Logo were not bold as others in this above images are teams that score in lost time, so we screenshot it immediately as the time gets to zero (0), before the virtual will bring another match.

We don't told you that the teams inside the image above will be playing o3.5 goals everytime, so don't deceive yourself.
Order for our cheat to let our PDF indicate the games you will play for you.

Don't play prank or think too wise.

How to win 500k on Virtual football PDF is now available.

The price is #5000 only, Everything about Virtual football from A-Z is inside this book.

Check the image above to see what the pdf contains. 
Buy this pdf and turn virtual football to money making machine.

If you want to become an expert in few weeks, buy this PDF (eBook) called SHARPEST FORMULA 101.
It is 3 IN 1 - works for Virtual + Soccer + Casinos.

This book is #5000 naira too and you will be added to our group for daily tutorials and live trading.
Call/WhatsApp: +2348100057327.
If you don't have WhatsApp you can still received this cheat, and pdf through ur email address.

Every virtual cheat and tips you needed is in this Virtual book (pdf).

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