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6 Blogs and Websites that Pay Writers for Contents in Nigeria


Are you in need of blogs and websites that will pay you to write contents in Nigeria? If you have submitted applications to sites that pay individuals to write materials and you never got a response, then you need to go through this article. I am going to disclose to you some websites that pay people to write contents in Nigeria, and you will get your payments straight to your bank account either weekly, monthly, or biweekly.
But you will get your cash if your content got approved. After going through this content, what you are going to do is to choose the one that's suites you and take action by creating articles and submit it to them and see if you will get approved or not.

  • Notes: Don't get it twisted, those websites i will listed below will approved you if your article is 100% original without having any copy paste (duplicate) contents.
  • First of all; you need to wrote an application letter for some of them when you want to become their "writer" in the first place, and they will told you to send them the title of the article you want to send them.
  • So, they will know if the title has not been picked by another "writer".

Here is the list of blogs and websites that pays you to write content here in Nigeria

(1) Infoguidenigeria.com 

Nigerianfoguide.com Is one of the biggest blogs we have in the country where you get information. The blog is always In need of people who have excellent writing skills, and he or she should be able to write helpful blog articles.
The blog pays you #500 for any approved material. As a writer, you can make nothing less than #5000 a week, depending on how you dedicate your self to the job.
If you want to apply for the content writing on this platform, you need to follow the rules and regulations. Before you start, you will submit a 500 to 600 words content to the site as a sample to determine if you are eligible for the job.
If you were very consistent on this platform, you would be given special offers, and they are chances of making more money on the offers you get.

(2) WriteForUsNigeria.com 

This site is also one of the massive blogs in Nigeria for freelance writers. The blog also has a news section. If you are a talented writer and you can write unique news articles, events that occurred in the country, you are excellent to go.
You need to turn that writing talent into a money-making machine. On this site, you are going to earn #500 or more than for any news article you submit.
You can make as much as possible on this blog as long as they are unique and free from plagiarism.

(3) Wepaywriters.com

Wepaywriters.com a perfect freelance platform in Nigeria  for writers. You will get paid straight to your bank account. As long as you write awesome and unique contents. 
You can be paid weekly or monthly, or if you need the money and you want to be paid on time, you can send them a mail requesting for the pay, and you tell them the reasons why you want to cash out before the day you are expected to be paid. Before you start writing for this site, you will have to send them a sample of your article with 600-word length. 
Make sure it is unique and free from grammatical error. You can send them any Topic; then the admin will go through it and get back to you.
Once you start writing for this site and you reach #5000 on this platform, then you can request for the pay. You get paid every Friday. But if you want to cash out before Friday, you will be given #2,500 then you get the balance on Friday.

(4) Naijagists.com 

The company that runs Naijagist.com is also the same company that owns Wepaywriters.com. They both offer the same writing job. They pay #500 per article as well, and the minimum amount to cash from this site is #5000. It will be sent to your bank account, and you will be paid on Fridays once you reached #5000.
On this platform, you can be writing news also, and every news you submit must be 500 words. If you are very good at writing news report or entertainment news and stories, then you are eligible. 
This website is well known for Paying people to write content in Nigeria.

(5) Nigerianblogspaywriters.com

Nigerianblogspaywriters.com is also one of the big blogs in Nigeria and a trendy place where you get paid for writing contents. If you are good in creating contents, then you can try this blog. It is very reliable.
You earn #1000 upward for any original article you write for them. If you write up to 20 pieces, that means you will get #20,000 straight to your bank account.
If you are writing contents that has a word count of 1000 words, you are going to get #500 per content. You can also get magazines that pay people to write contents. If you wish to write content for magazine companies, then this article is meant for you.

(6) Sharpestarena.com

Sharpestarena.com is a very reliable blog in Nigeria that pays you to write contents. This site has been in existence for some time now, and they are always in need of potential writers who can write articles on tech, business, innovation, and make money online. Before you can start writing for this platform, you will need to send them a mail first, after sending them the mail and if you got approved, then you will send them another mail containing the topics you want to write on.
They pay #300 per article that has a 600 words length, #500 for 1000 words, #700 per 2000 words and #1000 per 5000 words.

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