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11 useful WhatsApp tricks, you haven't know

This are the "latest and useful 2019 WhatsApp tricks" that works on all phones, laptops and devices.

Incase you want to have multiple WhatsApp on one phone, and how to make WhatsApp more complex and many things you can do with WhatsApp.

Here are the table of content below:

1. Open and use WhatsApp without any phone number.
2.How to download WhatsApp APK on PC.
3. Use WhatsApp on PC without Smartphone.
4. Type WhatsApp message in bold, italics, and strikethrough text.
5. Type WhatsApp message in new font.
6. Hide WhatsApp media on phone gallery.
7. How to hide certain WhatsApp chat.
8. Hide WhatsApp message notification preview.
9. Use multiple WhatsApp account in same phone.
10. Create a fake WhatsApp chat.
11. Know if someone is online without reading their message.

WhatsApp Tricks Analysis.

1. Open and use WhatsApp without any phone number:

It is confirm, simple and easy tricks to use WhatsApp without any phone number, both on your smartphone and tablet with this simple trick, and tips I am providing below.

Method 1 -: Use spare Number.
One simple method is to use for alternative or landline to receive text verification, and enter it to verify your phone WhatsApp, Now, you don't need that simcard or phone again for any WhatsApp purpose.

Method 2 -: Use Anonymous phone number.

There are lots of websites online which provide phone number for account verification purpose.
              For example: https://www.smsreceivefree.com. such site are used by thousands of people to verify phone number for different accounts verification, if you are lucky, you will be able to find a number that no one has been used to verify WhatsApp account and you can easily used it for your own benefit.

Method 3 -: By Spoofing messages.
>> Download WhatsApp (.apk) file from Google play using APK downloader and install a good spoof message App forex.

>> Now, turn your phone Flight Mode ON, and start installing WhatsApp. It will stop at verification because of no active Internet connection, and use prompt to choose alternative SMS verification.

>> Now choose check through SMS and enter your email address. As the verification process starts, stop it by clicking on Cancel and instant Enter this details to your message spoofing app.

        To: +447900347295.
        From: +(country code) (your phone number).
        Message: Your email address.

It will now verify WhatsApp and you can start using WhatsApp without any phone number.

2. How to download WhatsApp APK on PC:

many people likes to have WhatsApp Install on their laptops and desktops, so you need to have WhatsApp (.apk) App setup to install it in any device without downloading? well, you can fetch WhatsApp 'APK' file by copying WhatsApp google play link and pasting it in 'APK Downloader' which will let you download APK file of WhatsApp on PC.

Then you can use this APK to download WhatsApp offline anytime.

3. Use WhatsApp on PC without smart phone:

if you don't have a smartphone and you need to stay in contact with friends on WhatsApp, then you can install WhatsApp on PC.

>> To do this: download a good Android Emulator for PC like: Bluestack, or Andy.

Install WhatsApp on them using WhatsApp APK file and enjoy using WhatsApp on PC with fast internet.

4. Type WhatsApp message in bold, Italics, or Strikethrough text:

Do you know you can style your WhatsApp messages with bold, italics, and strikethrough styling? This special text formatting will allow you to highlight certain words inside your message and hence help you to deliver your message better.

>> Bold - use (*) to add bold formatting, enclosed words or sentences. E.g *I miss you*.

>> Italics - use ( _ ) to add italics formatting, enclosed words or sentences inside underscore symbol. E.g _I miss you_.

>> Strikethrough - use (~) to add formatting, enclosed words or sentences inside Tilde symbol. E.g. ~I miss you~.

Note: Don't put space after or before writing the symbol * or - or ~ because the space will not allow the text formatting to apply.

5. Type WhatsApp message in New font:

WhatsApp allow 'one different font' that you can use when writing text message.

It is not much different but yeah, it can somewhat highlight the important text inside your message, and been used with above text formatting, it can stand out from regular text very well.

To use new WhatsApp font just add three grave accent (`) symbol, just before and after the intended text.
        E.g ```I miss you ```.

6. Hide WhatsApp media from phone gallery: 

unlike other multimedia files, WhatsApp photos and videos can be private.

So having them available to view at gallery is not a good idea for everyone.

If you are someone who wants to automatically hide WhatsApp photos and videos from phone gallery, follow the steps below.

>> For iPhone users: disable WhatsApp access to photos app by navigating to Settings>>Privacy>>Photos and switch OFF WhatsApp access.

>> For Android users: Add a period/dot (.) before WhatsApp images and videos folder name available inside phone internal and external storage by navigating through a file manager app.

So Rename WhatsApp images folder name with (.Whatsapp images) and WhatsApp video folder with (.WhatsApp videos) and no contents from this folder will be visible on your phone gallery.

7. How to hide certain WhatsApp chat:

Do you want to hide certain WhatsApp chat from the main WhatsApp chat screen, select those chats and from the WhatsApp 'tap' Achieved button appear on the top right corner of WhatsApp screen.

They will hide inside 'achieve chat' appears at the bottom of WhatsApp chat.

8. Hide WhatsApp message notification preview:

This is just to block WhatsApp notification preview that appears on your phone home screen anytime you have new message. After blocking this preview, you can only see and reply messages when your open your WhatsApp application.

Follow the steps below.

Goto Settings>>Apps>>WhatsApp>>Notifications and select "Block all" to block all the notifications for WhatsApp.

9. Use multiple WhatsApp account in sample phone: 

WhatsApp only allow one account with one phone, but you can use multiple account with different numbers through this apps.

>> Download parallel space or shadow multi account apps free on play store. This apps allow you to run multiple account on sample app simultaneously.

But the best apps that will automatically hide itself from your phone are: Private Me and X-hide.

10.  Create a fake WhatsApp chat:

Prank friend by showing his crush texting, you kisses and romantic text.

Yes, you can do this by creating a fake WhatsApp chat using 'Fakewhats' from desktop or Yazzy app for Android smartphone.

11. Know if someone's online without reading his/her message:

The idea of blue tick is really great orelse if we want to avoid it.

You know the situation when someone message you, but you don't want to reply and it might be online and keep disturbing you, so you want to avoid it? Then from the WhatsApp chat screen, click the person WhatsApp DP and then info (i) button.

 It will take you to the person info page where you can see if he is online or not.

Going back will take you directly to the WhatsApp chat home again, without making you landing to the person's chat page and hence avoiding the risk of reading his/her message and sending you blue tick.

This are the available WhatsApp tricks now, we will updates and add to this page once more tricks are available.

Kindly put down your comments below to support this good work and also share with friends through share button below.

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