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How to Create a Free Blogspot Blog Fast and Easy

Complete Tutorial on how to create a blog, for the beginners.

This are the steps by steps tutorial if you want to start a blog for your business or for personal interest.

This is how to create a good looking blog, simple and faster.
Start your own free blog today, how to create a blog on blogger website will be analyzed with pictures on this page, but for WordPress blog will be analyzed on another page.

Both blogger and WordPress blog are similar to create but have a little bit difference, especially their control panel are totally different.

How to start a blog in 2018.

Step1. Goto www.blogger.com, when the page open click on Create a blog.
See the image example below.

Step2. When the page load, you will see blog Name box and Blog Address box provided.
Fill the two boxes with your blog Name and address, make sure you don't put space in the address box.

If the name you provided is available, you will be notified in the front of the box, but if it is not available, choose a different name.
Notes: make sure your blog address is in .blogspot.com. E.g. Capotips.blogspot.com.

After choosing your blog name and address, you will see list of themes below, Choose simple themes and click on Create blog to create your blog.

Step3. Now, After you have created your blog successfully, you will be redirected to the control panel. Where you can create and edit post and pages for your blog.

Write the article title in the title box, and write all article body in the article box provided.

After you finished writing the article, and you want it to go live, click on the Publish at the top right side of the article box. But if your article not ready to be published incase you want to add one or two things to it later, click on  Save beside publish button.

Your article will become a draft, so anytime you want it to go live on your blog, just click edit and when it 'open' click on Publish.

Always Make use of the editing tools provided on top of the article creator box. To do some editing likes:

- Change of text formatting.
- Change of text position.

- Change of text color.
- Change of text background.
- Give text bullet or page numbering.
- Add link to text article.
- Add pictures and video to articles.
- Create a breadcrumbs link.
And so on.

All useful editing tools has been provided for bloggers, so type as much article you can and also make use of the editing tools.

This is how to create a blog for the begginers.
Read all the page related to this below if you are new to blog or you just become a blogger, and you want more achievement with your blog.

Hope this Article is help, put down your comment below if yes.

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