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How to make money online by teaching tutorial

Another simple strategy to make money online by teaching tutorial of your blog and website niches, and make huge amount of money from your users.

You can make money by teaching other people online tutorial, even if you dont have a website. This is the tricks to guide you right away.

The best of all, is to have your own blog or website inorder to prove yourself to your members that the tutorial you want to teach them online is your profession.

They will surely trust you and have the courage to learn from you as a leader or tutor.

Becoming online tutor, is one of the minor way for a publisher to make an extra income from their contents. Create an online classroom on your blog and website by creating a membership forum pages, for your users to meet and to learn from you.
You can also make use of Instant Messages Apps and Social Media.

How to build tutorial class online.

  • If you want to make use of your blog or website to teach people online tutorial and make money from your members.
  • Goto www.xtgem.com or www.wapka.com to create a mobile site and use it for members forum. This 2 websites allow you to create a forum and chatroom. Once you create a new website from them, just create a chat page or forum, anyone you which to use from the two. Design your page and set how you want your chatroom to appear in your members screen, Then copy the link address of your chat page and put the link on your blog for users to redirect to the page immediately they click it on your blog.

Create Tutorial Class on Facebook Group.

Use Facebook group to teach people tutorial online and let members make payment before or after joining your group.

Firstly, create a Facebook group and find the set group of people that may have interest in what you wants to teach them, and Add everyone to your group.

Create a standard invitation post that will explain what your tutorial is all about and how you operate, to let your members or students to know what you are into, and also maybe your tutorial will solve their problems.

Secondly, Draft an important welcome note that may guide your members and let them understand what to do After joining your group. This can also be an
important Notices.
Terms of Services.
Privacy Policy.
Advertisement or other useful link.

Build Online Tutorial Class on Instant Messaging Apps like: WhatsApp or Telegram Channel.

Create a WhatsApp group and Telegram channel, Add many people to your group. Also let your group members share your group link with their families and friends, so many people can join your group.
Do the same thing to your telegram channel.

Coordinate your members/students in a better way, and give them terms and conditions associated to your group, so they can easily know your rules and ways of teaching.

Give them the list of important topics which they are going to learn and also told them how important those topics will be useful to them.

Make use of a good and clear descriptive photo as your group icon. This will show members what your group is all about.

Write a short description of your group and attached your rules with it.

Make daily Announcement on the Next Tutorial to be take off after finishing the first tutorial topic.

Make your tutorial clear to your members, arrange your major points and strategies in a clear format.

Bill your members an avoidable price that everyone of them can pay you.
Let them know that your courses are not free. Let them pay first before joining your group or give them a free trial of one week, so they can believe you that your tutorial class is real.

Enlight and encourage all your group members to make their payment so the tutorial class can continue successfully.

Note: if you give members one week free trial, not all of them will make your payment. Also if you want them to pay before joining your group, only who Ready and eager to learn will make your payment to join the tutorial class, and some may wish to learn but doubting maybe it is not real. Some people are hardly to convinced, that's the philosophy of life.

Teaching people online tutorial classes is one of a great way's of making money online, especially as a publisher.

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