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Football Betting Tips to Predict Matches 100% Sure Win Everyday

I Guarantee you 100% sure winning everyday if you make use of this (Football Betting Tips) 5 Football Betting Strategies, Rules and Predictions by Betting Expert - SHARPEST TIPS

Today, you will know "how to predict and win" on football betting with this betting statistics, and techniques. Though I make use of "Soccer Prediction Sites" to highlight and know the teams fitness, forms and positions, but I always make use of my own tips and I (become a successful soccer punters), which means I must "won" a single or more tickets from Bet9ja, Betin, Betking, Sportybet, Nairabet, Betfair, Betvictor, Bet365 every week, especially with "weekend matches".

So, I wanted to share this "5 statistics" with all soccer bettors around the world, my fellow "punters and tipsters".

This is what you need to know and also make use every present day before placing a single "bet", (stake) on soccer betting, always have it in mind that you want to play and win.

You need to kill the "booking" don't let the "bookies" to kill you, so that's why I wanted to share you this great opportunity, if you can make use of it and follow all the steps on how I will analyze it below, I am sure that you are going to "win" back all your lose from football betting.

If the "Football Betting Tips" you need is among this below list, make sure you read this post from A-Z and you will see the Links for (Today 100% Sure Matches to Play and Win) below.

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I have also loss a lot of money to "football betting" in the past, some years ago, especially in 2017/2018, but one day I just sit down with a cup of tea in front of me and am thinking that how can I get back all the money I have lost so far. I keep on thinking for more than 30mins, then later I grap how to make a new "strategy" for myself on how to be "making a winning".

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Pls have patient to read this story because i want you to know how I came across this "statistics" am using to make my money from football betting 'every week' especially weekend.

I want you to get a cup of tea and sit down tightly to find more tips that will be valid to join this and share with other (upcoming bettors) in the future as I wanted to share this "Sure Betting Tips" with you today.

Are you set, if yes, let's get down to profit business.

5 Statistics with Football Betting Tips to make winning (Daily) and every week on Football Betting.

Football Betting Tips - Rule 1

1. Have a Focus Teams List.

To have a focus teams to be betting ON every week is the first target you need to have in your record book as a soccer punter, if you really wants to be winning from (football & soccer betting) or if you wants to turn it to your personal business, that will be generating "high profit" for you to make a standard living.

Country           Teams   

(Fra)                 PSG.        
(Fra)                 Monaco.   
(Fra)                 Dijon.      
(Qat)                Al-duhail.  
(Ger)                Munich.     
(Wal)                TNS.            
(Tur)                 Erzurum BB.  
(Swi)                 St Gallen.      
(Cyp)                Apoel.         
(Cyp)                Apollon.           

Football Betting Tips - Rules 2

2. Know the Scoring Power/Ability of your Teams.

Make your focus team list table like this below.

Country        Teams      Ability/Power.

(Fra)                 PSG.                  Win&o2.5.

(Fra)                 Monaco.             o2.5.
(Fra)                 Dijon.                 GG.
(Qat)                Al-duhail.        Win&o2.5.
(Ger)                Munich.            Win&o2.5.
(Wal)                TNS.                   Win&2.5.
(Tur)                 Erzurum BB.      GG&2.5.
(Swi)                 St Gallen.           GG&2.5.

(Cyp)                Apoel.               Win&o2.5.
(Cyp)                Apollon.          Win&o1.5.
(Est)                 Flora.                Win&o2.5.

Football Betting Tips - Rules 3

3. Know your Focus Teams Form.

Make sure you always know the "present form" of your focused teams last match or two (2 or 3) matches in order to know maybe all of them have the power and ability to "win the matches" according to how you record down their 'winning rate' statistics.

So if any of them "loss form", you can easily change the "team" and find another suitable team to replace them in your statistics table.

This search will let you have the confidence in your statistical teams that they are still capable to deliver what you want from them.

Here is the Football Betting Strategy PDF (ebook) that will helps you to predict and win everyday from Soccer Betting.

Football Betting Tips - Rules 4

4. Focus on their Opponent Teams.

Once you notices that one of your teams is facing an "opponent" that will gives them top time to deliver you what you want from them, maybe the "opponent" play defensive game or they are capable to beat your team, just removed the doubting team and replace them with another team.
So, make sure you have more "focused teams" and follow this "statistics" that will be analyzed below.

Categories your teams as a whole club of your name.

For example; I am sharpest.

My Club will be Sharpest FC.

I will have first 11 teams and Second 11 teams and like 3 substitute making 25 players in my club.

This above explanation shows that you most have at least 25 teams around the world that will be in your focused teams, but you are not going to be staking on all this 25 teams in every week, and you will just stake on your first 11 teams that you focus or think their 'match is the possible winning'. Which the outcome will delivers you "100% sure wins" as you plan it.

This are the 1st 11 teams below.

Country           Teams   

(Fra)                 PSG.        
(Sco)                Celtic.   
(Ned)                PSV.      
(Nil)                 Crusaders  
(Ger)                Munich.     
(Wal)                Donetsk.            
(Tur)                 Erzurum BB.  
(Eng)                 Man city.      
(Spa)                Madrid.  
(Spa)                Barcelona.     
(Ned)                PSV.    

This are the 2nd 11 teams below

Country           Teams   

(Ita)                Juventus.       
(Swi)                Young boys.   
(Den)               Midtjylland.      
(Qat)                Al-duhail.  
(Spa)                Barcelona.     
(Cyp)                Apoel            
(Ukr)                 TNS.  
(U.A.E)             Al-Ain.      
(Den)               Brondby.         
(Cyp)                Apollon.
(Fra)                 Monaco.

Substitutes 3 teams below.

(Qat)                 Al-Sadd.

(Wal)                Galatasary.
(Swi)                St Gallen.

This above list are the 25 teams that I focus and I counted them as 25 players in my club which is Sharpest FC. So any Matchday that I see (1 or 2 teams) from my first 11 players form is not good as I want, I will easily replace the "teams" with other teams from my "second 11 players" or from the substitution to get the standard first 11 player that I wanted to make my "Bet of the day".

so, I have confidence that my statistics is 100% sure and I will play the game and relaxed while waiting for the result after all the "matches" finished and I collect my money

If you wants to win everyday in Football Betting; this are the 5 Best Soccer & Football Prediction Sites for sure winning, which those "Daily Football Tips Sites predict accurately", with 100% Guarantee of winning with their "expert punter games" and "best football predictor" Selections.

Football Betting Tips - Rules 5

5. Final Reviews on Focus Teams.

  • I will conduct my final review before staking a single ticket.
  • To know which team among this teams can spoiled my ticket today, I will sit down very tight again when conducting the reviews.
  • Once I look deeply again and I found any error at one side of one team, I will surely replace the team but if I see that no team in the second list or substitute can best suit it's position I will put my trust on them or removed them and increase my staking amount for the day.
  • That's is "how to predict and win" with Football Betting Tips, Football Betting Strategies, Football Betting Secrets, Football Betting Formula and Techniques.

With this Statistics you are going to be making cash every week, read the remaining guide below and let me know if you don't understand this statistics very well, so i can help you with more football betting tips and football betting predictions.

According to my own view on betting, odds comparison or odds given to each teams doesn't matter in all Games,

A team given "bigger odds" can beat a team given the "smaller odds", so all you need to know before making a stake on any team is the "stats, form, ability, and scoring power". Don't fear odds, always put it in mind.

A team that have a "high scoring power" can win most of it's matches while a "team that conceded too much goals" can lose most of their matches.

I take a long look on each teams i want to "place my bet on", every single ticket i wants to play as a betting Experts.

  • Some teams have the ability to won every home matches, while some teams like to win most of their away matches and also some teams have the ability to win all home and away matches.
  • That's why you need "Football Betting Tips" on 'best soccer prediction sites' that (predict Football matches accurately).

Based or focus on "smaller odds" doesn't help you to become a good punter, but all you need to focus is called your priority.

As a new soccer punter, all you first need to do is to study all Leagues around the world and brought out your expectations on them.

Think wisely as you want to stake your first ticket, that what are my focus on playing this games.

And firstly don't think you want to play the games to make money in the first place, just think that you wanted to use the money to buy the statistics you just composed.

Goto www.wapjotter.com.ng or www.windrawwin.com and click on the "Stats" Above on the website to see the teams statistics and informations that have been provide for you as new punters. See it 
at www.wapjotter.com.ng. or www.windrawwin.com to select your "favorite teams" from the list and make them your focus.

If you wants to become a successful football punter and you wants to be making winning from betting always. You must not have it in mind that you wanted to be playing or making stake on every games that is available everyday, this is one of the (Football Betting Secrets) no one will told you.

Just pick your favorite teams and label them down, so anyday they have match, just "place your bet" on them.

See the Example below -: 

Accumulator -: 6.

Odds -: 10.05.
Stake -: $100.
Bonus -: $605.
Winning -: $1610.

------- Selections ---------

(Fra) PSG -:- Monaco = o2.5.

(Ger) Munich -:- Leipzig = o2.5.
(Spa) Madrid - Villarreal = 1&o2.5.
(Tur) Erzurum BB - Gaziantep =GG.
(Eng) Man city -:- Everton = 1/1.
(Ita) Juventus -:- Atalanta = 1.

Status = Won.

This above explanation illustrate that all the home teams are your "focus teams" and the 'option' you believe they can play most is the options given to them in this ticket example above, so why can't you play it has it is indicated above and won your first ticket.

You don't need to be struggling yourself by playing 20games above in a ticket and you are waiting for winning, don't you know that a small ticket has a less risk chance.

  • No matter any options you gave to each teams, don't fear odds even if you play a bigger odds and the games are only 5 or 6 in your ticket, it still have high percentage of winning than someone playing too much games on a single ticket with smaller odds.
  • Odds given to teams doesn't mean the team is going to win or not, or maybe over2.5 odds is bigger or smaller, don't think the match can't result to over2.5 goals bcos of the bigger odds.

And in most cases, smaller odds will fail to win with the odds given to them, so based on some teams and your focus will makes you the champion and professional among all punters.

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