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Football Betting Tips, Weekend Games Prediction Guide

Soccer prediction and football betting tips for weekend sure games.

This is the Magic Strategies and Secrets behind every weekend Soccer Matches, if you want to Predict and Win Football Betting.

Today I will highlight all the problems that every soccer Punters and Tipsters are facing, and the same time, I will provide the solution to the problems in this Article.

Congratulations for reading this article today bcos here are the secrets hiding in football betting that cause problems to Gamblers every weekend without making a winning upon all Tickets staked.

What you need to know and understand in the first place is called Gambler Velocity.

Gambler Velocity will be discussed in the other Article, so after you done with the tutorial here, you can still continue with your betting career and come back later to this website inorder to read "What is called Gambler Velocity".

Now, let me introduce you to the raw facts in football betting before we proceed.

1. What's is Football betting.
2. How to predict and win in Football betting.
3. Daily sure Games and Tips.
4. Where to get the best Predictions.
5. Daily and weekend betting strategies.
6. Best betting odds to Bet ON.
7. How to become a soccer punter.
8. How to win everyday in football betting.
9. Football betting secret and statistics to win.
10. Top soccer league teams to bet and win.

11 . Bet9ja and Nairabet daily booking (Code) games.

I think that the above listed are what you need to know before going into soccer and football betting.
You need to ask yourself this questions in the first place. Don't just aim to play or aim to win when you start a betting career as a new soccer punter.

All you need is to learn from your mistakes and realized your area of weakness so as to afford the mistakes not to repeat itself again.

These are the guide and manual below to follow every weekend if you wants to make winning on every single ticket you stake.

Today soccer prediction and football betting tips website.


The major secret and strategy to make winning in football betting is called Observation.

This first thing to do every weekend before selecting any team or trying to play any game is that you need to Observed.

Observing can't tooks you too long, but it will helps you to determine which games are to play and which teams are to select.

Observe all the weekend teams to know the best and sure games that will bring good outcome.

Observe the odds giving to each team either Home or Away matches.

Observe the league table of the country you want to play by weekend.

Observe the team calendar and their scoring power.

Observe every team accuracy, agility and ability either they want to play Home match or Away.


These are what you must put in mind every weekend.

  • In a football game, Nobody is a champion nor Master.
  • Every teams have the equal right to win or lose the present match.
  • No one is a favorite and no one is a risk.
  • Always put it in mind that odds are just a number to sell the bookmakers market.
  • So, no odd is save and no odd is risk, either the odd is bigger or smaller.
  • In a week match, Highest percentage of soccer punters focus on the favorite teams and most of them lost.
  • The secret behind odds is to put fairs in you to let you select the wrong games.
  • Put your eyes off on the odds.
  • Make a thoroughly search to know the form, position and ability of each team you want to play.
  • Firstly write them down or note them off head.
  • Make another search on their opponent teams to know maybe they are offensive or defensive team.
  • Don't think of playing much games bcos the Higher the accumulator, the Risker the ticket.
  • If your ticket accumulator is smaller, the risk chance of your games are also lesser.
  • No matter how games are plenty, Always play few games every weekend.
  • Don't focus the smaller odds as the sure games and in the second place, don't play the higher odds.
  • You need to do a total estimation on every games you want to play in your ticket.
  • The best odds to play every weekend are middle odds.
  • Middle odd starts from 1.50 to 1.80.
  • Avoid playing 1.10 to 1.30 odds on a weekend game or else you believe that the team is capable enough to play the options given to them.
  • Have a focus teams list and know the best option each of them play in most matches or have the ability to play.

I  have provided the guide for you, read it below.
Teams selection betting guide to make winning.

After you have done all this, the next thing is selection. Your selection is your ability to win or to lose.

If you can make an accurate selection, this can reduce your level of risk. No matter how perfect your selection is, betting is still a game of luck.


This is how to select a weekend games that can result to winning after the matches.

Select the best teams from all Top leagues in the world. Atleast select one or two teams from each league, don't select too many teams from one league.

Read it here How to make perfect selection teams.

Notes: Weekend games play o2.5 goals and both teams to score most.

Focus on over 2.5goals and GG in every weekend games, especially the big teams in every league.

Every big teams or smaller odds can't win their match.

Some big teams will draw while some may lose, that's 100% sure.

Any big team that you know they can't allow their opponent to score, don't play them o2.5 (3+)goals because the opponent team will play a defensive game and the match may not result to 3goals.

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