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Get Traffic with SEO Setup in Nigeria for WordPress and Blogger

 Get traffic to your site quickly and faster in Nigeria with our "SEO SETUP" Strategy PDF. 

Are you a new blogger (beginners) or longtime blogger that need helps to develop his/her blog and generate (10k daily page views) to your blog and website.

SEO - Search engine optimization.
SMO - Social media optimization.
BACKLINKS - It will generate traffic to ur site from different sites on the internet that have common niches to your website.

Your blog & website pages will rank on Google 1st page search engine results - SERPs.

Traffic Booster (ebook) PDF - will gives you solution to ur searches like:

• How to Setup SEO in Nigeria
• SEO Setup Service & Agency
• How to get 1000 visitors daily
• Website SEO service company
• SEO Strategy 2019
• Best SEO tips for 2019
• 2019 SEO Tricks for bloggers
• Get 10,000 visitors daily
• SEO Tricks & Tips
• Google SEO setup for new blog
• White Hat SEO techniques
• Blog Traffic SEO.

Your blog will be receiving 10k pageviews and above everyday with the SEO Secrets, Tricks, Tips, Techniquesand Strategy inside this pdf.

Before we move down, let me show you the work of this (eBook) PDF called - TRAFFIC BOOSTER.

You may likes to check this article Bet9ja virtual cheat and correct scores to see the SEO strategies i used to get rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Ask, Duckduckgo, and other search engines.

You will beat all the top website rankings of the same niches.
Your website SEO will turns to rock which other sites can't defeat.

List of websites that have Strong SEO in Nigeria.

1. Bet9ja.com.
2. Nairaland.com.
3. Legit.ng.
4. Nairabet.com.
5. Lindaikejisblog.com.
6. NNU.ng.
7. Jumia.com.
8. Naijaloaded.com.ng.
9. Goal.com.
10. Jiji.ng.
11. Tooxclusive.com.
12. Bellanaija.com.
13. Kemifilani.com.
14. Ogbongeblog.com.
15. Olx.com.ng.

Google and other search engines will rank ur site pages ontop all the sites listed above if you create the same post.

I get ranked on 20+ search engines in the world with this keywords below and my site is on 1st Page, even No.1 of all search engine results pages.

All social media and forum sites also rank my site first for this keywords listed below.

1. Bet9ja virtual correct scores.
2. Bet9ja virtual cheat.
3. Nairabet Vfl winning formula.
4. Merrybet Virtual cheat.
5. Vfl tricks and tips.
6. Betking Virtual cheat.
7. How to win Bet9ja virtual.
8. Virtual Football League Hack.
9. Cheat to win Bet9ja virtual.
10. Hustler tools and tips.
11. GG&2.5 prediction.

And so on, there are still more but search those keywords above on Google and other search engine yourself to see my rankings.

This is the Complete SEO Secrets & Tricks to Rank on Google first (1st) page i use to beat other blog competitors.

In 2018, when i saw that Legit.ng page is toping one of my article page and i want to become the 'one number result for that keyword on Google', so i do Keyword Research Tools, Tips, and Analysis to step on top. And am happy that I become first after 2 months.

Google Search Engine Results.

Google SEO ranking techniques
Keyword: Bet9ja Virtual Correct Scores.

Yahoo Search Engine Results.

Yahoo SEO Ranking Techniques
Keyword: Bet9ja Virtual Correct Scores.

Bing Search Engine Results.

How to setup Bing SEO
Keyword: Bet9ja Virtual Correct Scores.

Ask Search Engine Results.

How to setup ASK SEO rankings
Keyword: Bet9ja Virtual Correct Scores.

Duckduckgo Search Engine Results.

Duckduckgo SEO setup
Keyword: Bet9ja Virtual Correct Scores.

Yandex Search Engine Results.

Yandex seo checker and setup
Keyword: Bet9ja Virtual Correct Scores.

Hope you see how Sharpestarena.com page is in number one result on all search engines.
This PDF will show you how we did it.
I have set strong SEO for many websites and blogs owner.

I will generate many Keywords for your blog and use them to create Google optimize experiment for you.

Once you create any post on all this 'keywords I have generate for you', I give your blog post (pages) "3 months to Crawl, Index, and appear on Google" 1st - Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

If you create your blog on WordPress, you must use this 10 Essential WordPress Plugins For SEO to generate large amount of traffic to your blog, the same thing, so as to secure and protect your blog.

Secondly; if your own blog was created on Blogger, this is How to submit sitemap to search engine using webmaster tools. Of cos, Google search console.


Search engine optimization


 The PDF Contents. 

• Webmaster Tools.
• Mobile User Friendly.
• Content Writing Strategy.
• Keyword Research.

• Social Bookmarking.
• Social Marketing.
• Audience Relationship.
• Group/Page Booster.

• Link Building.
• Backlinks Generator.
• Broken Links Inspector.
• Google My Business.
• How to create Cornerstone Content.

Those are the 15 headlines inside the Seo+Smo+Backlinks (Traffic booster PDF) mentioned Above, we cracked down and split everything into pieces so everyone can understand all the above mentioned techniques and secrets to get 10k daily pageviews to ur blog and website. 

Cornerstone Content.

See what's meant by cornerstone content in the image below.
Blog visitors daily pageviews
Cornerstone Content will ranked high on Google and it will gives traffic to the 2post surrounding it.

For example: If your cornerstone content has '1k pageviews' in a day, it means the posts surrounded it will have 500+ pageviews each in a day.

People loves to read and share cornerstone contents to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media platforms.

Cornerstone contents is an SEO optimized pages on your blog.

According to "brian dean; Backlinko - seo expert" says, SEO is the light to your blog and website on the internet.

Once you get this pdf you don't need (seo site tester, seo testing site, page seo test, seo checker website), to worry about again.

This (Traffic Booster PDF) will teach you from the beginning to the end.

Other SEO subheadings, and SEO paragraphs you will find inside the PDF will be listed below.

The Comprehensive list of Amazing SEO Techniques.

1. Wikipedia Link Rot - A secret Goldmine for broken link building.
2. Boost your traffic using the synonyms ranking technique.
3. Bench mark your competitors broken links.
4. Use the AdWords campaign to inspire your keyword usage.
5. Use content curation to create in-depth articles that engage.
6. Get ahead of the game by diversifying your link profile.
7. Diversify your rankings with YouTube description.
8. Engage extra audience and gain traffic with the skyscraper technique.
9. Use longtail keywords to target specific audiences.
10. Get keyword idea from Wikipedia.
11. Publish information-rich content.
12. Use internal link to spread your page authority sitewide.
13. Turn Evergreen content into a constant traffic source.
14. Use infograhics to increase visibility.
15. Help your page indexing with internal deep links.
16. Guest Blogging Exposure.
And so much more inside the SEO+SMO+BACKLINKS - Traffic Booster PDF.


1. Link exchange.
2. Link redirecting tricks.
3. Keyword Stuffing.
4. JavaScript link hiding techniques.
5. Competitors link insertion.
6. Internal & External links boosting.

Our PDF will show you SEO beginners Guide and manual on (how to setup SEO).

Order for this pdf to get a better rankings and to let ur blog standout among the competitors.

You don't need to pay for any expert to set SEO for you again while you can do it urself with the help of our PDF called Traffic Booster.

We have analyzed every solution to setup a standard SEO, SMO, and BACKLINKS inside this (eBook) PDF.

Notes: You can never find all the raw secrets to setup a standard SEO to increase your blog traffic anywhere on the internet.

I have do many research and visit a lot of websites and am happy to say that nobody has post the secrets inside this (ebook) PDF on his/her blog or website.

The (SEO SECRETS, SEO STRATEGY, SEO TRICKS, SEO TIPS, & SEO TECHNIQUES), inside this book was totally different to all you have been reading online.

We wants to give you the best SEO that will boost the rankings of your blog forever and your blog will get Noticed and visible to Google.

Here i have provide you how to Submit website URL to Google, Yahoo & Bing search engine.

If you wants to:


You need to buy our BLOG TRAFFIC BOOSTER - PDF (to get 10,000 daily pageviews to your new or old blog).

No "SEO EXPERT, or SEO PROFESSIONAL", will gives you the pure seo secrets free online.

They will told you to buy their SEO Secrets Blueprint PDF - Copy to develop your site and build it's ranking by getting enough visitors everyday with the help of the EBOOK.

MY ADVICE FOR YOU; is that if you ready to get blog traffic and visitors daily to your blog, buy our pdf.

The amount you are going to pay for our pdf is very small than the one you will spend to promote your site on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and others.

Moreover, the pageviews you will get when you advertise on Facebook and others can't upto the pageviews you will get daily through Organic Google Search.

Millions of people searches on Google every 24hrs a day, so while can't you get thousands of visitors per day.

We have analyzed and experiment how to turn visitors to every time blog user inside this PDF, so you don't have an excuse to give for not buying this ebook (pdf) with a token amount and start getting thousands of visitors daily to your blog and website.

This search engine Tricks and Cheat to rank on Google 1st Page will really works for you.

Google itself has said it that only hardworking bloggers will make the search engine First Page rankings.

With little amount of money you will paid us, we wants to help you with our PDF that has contains all the tools to use to boost your Alexa rankings in a few months.

Your blog will secure Google Nigeria Search Engine result pages, with the SEO tips inside our blog traffic booster PDF.

Notes: this pdf is not only for Nigerians, it's useful for everyone that have website on the internet which want thousands of visitors daily.

The pdf is #2000 naira only,
Get a copy today.

Call/WhatsApp: 08100057327.

International: +2348100057327.

Email: [email protected].

You can also hire me to setup a "Standard SEO" for your blog and website at affordable price.

I will also generate backlinks for your site from 50+ differents search engines and magazine sites.

Feel free to put down your reviews on this post or ask any question you have, use the comment box below.

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