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WhatsApp Tricks: Chat, block or Add yourself as friend.

This is another WhatsApp Trick that looks like Magic when I first saw it, so you must also try it yourself.

This really looks so funny to me in the first place. However I will be chatting and uploading pictures with myself.

I really love this bcos it will helps me and you in some way or the other.

There are many advantages and benefits you can gain with this feature of seeing your personal WhatsApp Profile.

1. You can chat and reply yourself.
2. You will see your second image 'live'.
3. You can add your profile as a friend.
4. You will see your phone number & list of all groups you are.
5. You can use it to trick your lover, if you give it another name.
6. You can used this profile to save format messages that you want to send your clients and customers.

7. It's will be useful to save sales record for Business.
8. It servers as WhatsApp profile database.

How to add yourself as friend on WhatsApp.

Goto Google Play Store to download WhatsApp Business App, then open it to register and setup with your personal phone number.

After you have complete the setup and login. 

Goto your WhatsApp Business App profile settings>Business Settings>Short link.

You will copy the short link code and paste it to any friend on WhatsApp. 

This short link is in form of a business invitation message.
You can edit the message that you want to appear in this short link yourself with the editing box provided for you.

After you have sent the short link to a friend. 

Click on the short link yourself and it will automatically redirect you back to your WhatsApp Business Account, showing your Profile sending interest message to you.

You will definitely smile.
Now, you can start making use of your profile.

This is another WhatsApp trick and useful feature from the WhatsApp Business App.

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