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WhatsApp: Only Admin can post in group.

Only Admin can post in WhatsApp group.

Another latest WhatsApp group chat restrict. Allow only Admin to post & send message in WhatsApp group.

This new group setting made on WhatsApp, easily save and protect groups Admin from scammers and unnecessary messages from the members.

WhatsApp update this settings to help Admins reduce the level of spam and irritating words made by new members.

Some people will join your group just to post Adult content or illegal ads and left.

Many people used WhatsApp group as they like, especially when the admin is offline.

This new group settings that allow only Admin to post in group is really helping some Admin that are not always online.

Advantages of WhatsApp group new Settings, (Only Admin to post).

1. It reduce the level of spam in group.
2. It protects group from bad & Adult Content sharing.
3. It reduce amount of messages.
4. It save members data.
5. It let all members to abide with the group terms.
6. It bring concentration to Admin post only.

How to set (Apply) only Admin to post in WhatsApp group.

If you want to set only Admin to post on your WhatsApp group. The first thing is to download the new WhatsApp version.

Goto (Google Play store) to download the new WhatsApp version for Android or for your iPhone.

After download: Open the new WhatsApp with your existing phone number.
Verification pin will be sent to your phone number as usual.

Choose your nickname and upload your profile picture.

Once you have enter your WhatsApp, goto your group where you want to do this setting.

Click on the name of your group.
You will see group settings, click on it.
Now, you will see three options.

1. Edit group info.
    (All participants).
2. Send Messages.
    (All participants).
3. Edit group Admins.

Click on the (2) Send messages, and change it to (Only Admins), then click OK.

Note: You can change it to allow all participants anytime you wish.

You can also change the (1) Edit group info, to (Only Admins). So any member will not be able to change your WhatsApp group profile DP and description.

That's all.

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