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WhatsApp for Business: How to Register, Setup & Features.

WhatsApp for Business App Register, Setup, & Features.

WhatsApp has launched the latest service for business owners, WhatsApp Business App. 

It is now available for all country. Before it is only used in UK & US, but now roll out to other countries.

WhatsApp business App is free to use and currently now on Google Play store to download for every Android users, and devices.

But has for recent, I don't think it is Available for iPhone and iOS for now.
Before you start to create the profile for WhatsApp business, please beware that the WhatsApp business is considering as a separate entity.

There's no connection between your WhatsApp personal account, with the business account. You can register WhatsApp account with a business number or your existing WhatsApp personal number.

If you use your existing person number for business registration, your personal WhatsApp profile will convert to the business and all contacts will import to your business profile.

Now, let me show you how to register and set up WhatsApp business account profile.
You will also be able to use all the features for the WhatsApp Business App.

Register & Setup for WhatsApp Business.
At this moment, this App is available for Android users only as I said above.

Goto Google Play Store to download (WhatsApp Business App).
After you download the App, there are few screens to setup the app on your Android Phone.

You have to enter your country and business number. WhatsApp will verify the business number with a verification code.
You have to set the business name for the profile.

When you set the business name, make sure you use the right one. WhatsApp will not allow you to change the business name once you set up.

You can set your Logo or image, phone image address and status message at this setup process.

WhatsApp Business App Profile Settings.

The profile settings for WhatsApp business App is entirely different from the personal app. On the Business setting, you can set the 'business location, business category, business description, official email address and website' to reflect on business profile.
(You can leave website, if you don't have).

There's an option to set business hours, that's going to be extremely useful for shops and small offices that can set the working hours.

The customer can see your store status on your profile and the location to reach you.
The contacts screen will list you all the business contacts that you have stored on this App and this is just like your Android contact page.

WhatsApp Business App Features.

In addition to this, there's account settings that you can setup with two-step authentication and also you can change your business account number or delete the business account from the menu.

The chats setting let you customize the wallpaper, chat settings, enter key customization e.t.c.

The notification menu will let you set the notification tone, vibration mode, e.t.c.
This is useful particularly when you have a personal and business WhatsApp account on the same phone.

You can easily distinguish between the incoming messages for both accounts.

The data and usasge storage let you (set) to use the app with WiFi or data plan, and reduce WhatsApp usage settings while using the WhatsApp business app for calls.

The network usage window will show you how many messages byte sent and received through this WhatsApp Business App, WiFi, cellular data, and roaming data consumption, e.t.c.

There's an option to backup WhatsApp conversation to Google or email the chat history to clean up the storage of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business Messaging Tools.

There are other features which are pretty useful for small business owners and offices.

The business messaging tools are one of the interesting features introduce in this App.

Let's go ahead on WhatsApp business App>Settings>Business Settings>Messaging Tools.

These messaging tools are excellent choice to set auto message to interact with your customer and impress them without spending much time for typing the messages.

The WhatsApp messaging tools have three message options to set.

One is the -:
Greeting Message - To automatically welcome the user as the first response to their query.

Away Message - The second one is the away message that is ideal when you temporarily go out for a while.

You can inform the customer that you will be out for a while and respond back when you are available.
You can set this away time with auto response message right on this App.

WhatsApp Business Quick Replies.

The third option from the WhatsApp messaging tools, is the quick replies.

As a business owner, this will save tons of time while interacting with the customers.

You can set many message and shortcut.

The shortcut is starting with a key "/". You can set many shortcut here and when you want to reply a customer, you can type "/" to bring up all the shortcuts you set and select one to reply.

Open WhatsApp Business App>Settings>Business Settings>Messaging tools>Quick replies>"+" to add more quick replies.

WhatsApp Business Statistics.

This is how you can measure the daily visit status and customer Queries, and the interaction rate through the App.

This will give an approximate idea, how much this app helps to bring the customers to your business.

The statistics screen is giving you the support of message sent, delivered, read, e.t.c.

WhatsApp already have 1billion plus users, and this business App is going to be free platform for the customers to reach you directly from their phone without any phone calls or emails.

Registration, Setup & Use Features of WhatsApp Business.

This powerful App will launch eventually for iPhone users.

Once the users can reach the business from their smartphone with few taps, this is going to be a powerful solution to improve your business.

Eventually, we can hope that WhatsApp will integrate the payment solution (maybe WhatsApp pay) into this App.

That is going to be in the future, and anyone as the customer can order for any items or foods through WhatsApp.

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