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SEO: What is Breadcrumb list and how to make use of it

What is breadcrumb list and how to do it for a blog post.

In this Article, you will know the 'Meaning of Breadcrumb List' and how to do Breadcrumb list of post for SEO.

One of the (SEO Friendly) for every post to rank on first page is the use of Breadcrumb list.

In fact I can say that Search engine likes Breadcrumb list most to rank post high.
A post or article without Breadcrumb list can't be on Google first page, even I can say it will be hardly to find such post on Google.

Apart from search engine, breadcrumb list is good to use always for every bloggers in order to list the important content that you want user to focus most on your blog.

For Google to optimize or rank Any post, the (search Bot) will firstly looks for the breadcrumb list of the post to find the Keywords to rank high.

What is Breadcrumb list.

Breadcrumb list is a list of texts or links arrange with a Number or Symbol in columns and rows on a single paragraph.

For Example:
1. How to make money.
2. Money making method.
3. Skills to make money.
4. Easy way to make money.
The breadcrumb list can be two or more on a page.

How to make use of Breadcrumb List.

Breadcrumb list is simple and easy to make use without making external arrangements.
Just arrange your content accordingly one after the other.

  • Arrange your important text in Breadcrumb List, and make sure you make it bold or bigger than other text.
  • Arrange your important link or related post in Breadcrumb list.
  • Arrange some focus Keywords in Breadcrumb List so that Search Engine can find your page and rank it high.

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