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SEO: How to Write Description Tags for Blog Post

How to write good description tags for post (SEO friendly).

(SEO friendly) Description Tags is the major words that search engine needs to rank your post high.

You want your blog pages to be on top of Google search results. What you need to do is to write a good and standard Description Tags.

Even what your user or new visitors wants from your post is the description. Once your description is poor, the user may decide not to visit the page.

So what you need is a standard Description that will bring user attention to your post for reading.

Description Tags is also known as Meta description tags. though some SEO writers may prove it different because they wrote two (2) types of descriptions for their post.

But for the beginners, A single description will stands for you as Meta description Tags.

Just make sure your description is standard and relevant to your 'blog Niche'.

How to write Description Tags for blog post.

Description Tags are the 'first sentence' that you will write next to your post title.
You can Also write a Meta Description of your post at the right side bar of your writing box inside Meta Description.

Make sure your description words have a minimum of (50words and maximum of 300words).

Put your article description at the Center and make it larger than other text.

You can give your description extra color to give it a different looks from other text.

Always insert the particular post title Keywords inside your description tags.

In between your article or at the end, always provide your description tags inorder to (guide and backup) your whole article.

You can give your Description Tags another background to make it Catchy.
This will told Search engine that this is the Description for this post.

Your user will also (enjoy reading) your blog post because you have let them understand what the post is all about, with a short and brilliant Description Tags.

Try to combine small tags out of your description with your keywords in some paragraph of your blog post.This will makes Search Engine to pick and rank your blog pages quickly.

Google will quickly 'crawl and index' your blog page faster and rank it with your competitors.

Now you have successfully optimize your blog post on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Finder and other search engines.

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