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Online business: Buy Article from us or Sell Article for us

Buy article or sell article online, buy SEO article.

Are you a writer, publisher or blogger that wants to sell your Article Online and make Money, or you want to buy a good quality SEO friendly Article to develop your website traffic.

If yes, you are in the right place. We help bloggers, publishers, and writers to turn their passion into profit.

Either you want to 'buy article from us or you want to sell article' for us, there are some terms and conditions you must obey and follow inorder to become our business partner.

We treat every business holders equally. we don't joke with our partners, and we give them 24/7 support.

We are capable to buy your article and pay your money within 24hrs.
Article buying and selling is one of the business we do most on our website.

Sharpest Arena is a Technology and Innovation blog. We wants to innovate all youths around the world that are ready to make money online, by buying your original written articles.

We are also here to help bloggers and publishers that wants Search engine to optimize their website content by buying high quality and readers friendly article from us.

We are expert when it comes to Content Writing.

Our job: is to buy a good and quality article from our partners.

We make payment for the article, as soon as we received it.

We also offer our buyers the best article from us, inorder to satisfy their visitors and make their website reliable and users friendly.

There are 2 business sections we offer.

1. Buy Article from us.
2. Sell your Article to us.


These are the article guidelines we offer our partners and clients.

If you can abide with this offer, then you are good and qualify to work with us.
We make everything clear to our clients before working with us because we don't want any problem for you in the future.
If you are not interested with our offer, you can contact us or leave a reply on this page.
Our mission is to provide you the best of us and our services can't be find elsewhere.

The Article we Offer.

1. We offer our buyers first class Article.
2. We sell SEO friendly Article for you.
3. We sell Interesting and User-friendly Article.
4. We sell Call-To-Action and user engagement Article.
5. We wrote clear English and check all grammatical errors in our Article.
6. We sold Original Content, Article written by our Staffs and Partners.
7. We write and sold Cornerstone Article that will develop your blog quickly.
8. Our Article is 100% Original with standard write up.
9. We offer Article that explain the main point.
10. We don't sell one Article to multiple buyers.

Category of Article we sold.

These are the type and categories of Article you can order from us.

1. Innovation Articles.
2. Football betting Articles.
3. Technology Articles.
4. SEO Articles.
5. Blog/Web design Articles.
6. Article Writing Guide.
7. Online Business Articles.
8. Information Articles.
9. Cheats & Tips Articles.
10. Skills Acquired & Tutorial Articles.

If your blog Niche belongs to one of the above Categories, you are good to buy articles from us.

Price List for our Article.

1. (500 - 1000 Words). Price = #300 or $2.
2. (1000 - 1500 Words). Price = #600 or $4.
3. (1500 - 2000 Words). Price = #800 or $5.
4. (2000 - 5000 Words). Price = #1200 or $8.

Payment Methods.

1. Bank Deposit & Transfer.
2. Bitcoin Payment.
3. Recharge Cards
    (Mtn Only, Extra charges Apply).
4. Special Offer.
    (If you can do our Assignment, Get Article without Payment).

How to make order.

• If you have Read and Agree to our Terms of Services and ready to buy Article from us.

• Send a Mail to us, to let us know the amount of Article words you want and the payment methods you want to choose.
We will attend to your mail immediately and send you the payment details.

• Email: [email protected].
• WhatsApp: +2348145642980.


Are you a good writer or a publisher that wants to turn your passion to profit.
We really appreciate to partner with writers that have good intelligent and aims of making money with their content.

You are in the right place, we buy article from you and pay your money without any delay.

Our mission is to innovate you and let you make money as a writer.
We don't just approved any Article, we also pay for good and high quality original Article.

We also provide our service to help you edit your article and pay you what it takes, if your article doesn't meet our standard.

We also have categories of article we buy and the standard we wants.

We have also provide an Article Writing Guide that will helps you to know how to write an article that we Accept.
Click on this link below to get started.

• How to make Money (Sell Article to Us).

We are looking forward to do business with you, either you become our (buyer or seller).
We accept everyone as a partner.
You are free to contact us anytime, any day, and our services is easy for you to make use.

Kindly join our Article buyer and seller today and let's take you to the Next level.

Test for Original Article.

If you wants to know maybe the Article you buy from us or you sell to us is original, kindly make use of the links below.

> paperrater.com.
> smallseotools.com.

You can test for original content and spelling errors with those websites.
So you can know that the Article you buy is totally original.
We works with the real writer that doesn't make use of copy and paste.
When you want to send us your original article. You can make use of our Email above.

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