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How to make Money as a Writer.

1. Become a writer.

The first step to take as a student is to become a writer, if you are eager to make money online or offline.

This is the best choice for you. No matter any course you are doing, you must have a writing materials.
Don't let your writing skills to go without making some cash with it.

What's the essence of been in school when you are not making money.

Look straight to all the courses you are offering in school and pick the one you know most, or the one you know it is people's choice.

Now, pick a topic. E.g. The effects of bacteria on a farm crops.

Write an Article that will worth 1000words above, on the topic you choose.
Note: Pick any topic that you can deliver your best and raw facts.

Or before picking any topic, Goto fiverr.com, and other publishers website that pays for article writing.

We also paid for article on this website. Just click on menu above or scroll down below to enter Job Offers to see the type of Articles we want from writers.

Visit the above sites to know the type of article they want before writing.
Some publisher pay $5 dollar per article, while some may pay below or above.

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