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How to Deposit Money to Bet9ja Online Account, (with pictures)

Fastest and easiest way to Deposit Money to your Bet9ja Account without wasting time. The steps by steps simple process to load your Bet9ja account quickly in 1min.

Goto www.bet9ja.com and login to your account. Once you have login, you will see a 'Profile icon' at the Top-right side.

Click on it and menu item will appear to you.
You will see 'Cashier' among the menu, click on it and the next screen will be the payment option.

Once you are here, Click on 'Deposit' and it will takes you to the deposit menu screen.

You will see many deposit options like:
1. Instant Cards Deposit.
2. Banks Instant Deposit.
3. UBA EmailMoni Deposit.
and some other methods for you to deposit to your bet9ja account.
So, if you wants to deposit with your (ATM mastercard, verve, visa) or any other 'Debit and Credit Card', Click on the first option, which is the 'Instant Cards Deposit'.

Insert the amount you want to deposit from your bank account to your bet9ja account and click 'Continue'.

A notification page will appears to you after you have inserted the amount you want to deposit, just click on 'Continue'.

Now, it will takes you to where you'll put your card details.
Put your 'Card Number' at where necessary.
Put the 'expired month and year date' at where necessary, the same thing to your 'CVV Number', which is the (3digits number) on your card and click on 'Pay'.

Now, 'OTP' pin will be sent to your phone, then put the (pin inside the box provided) and click on 'Done'.
Now, you have successfully deposit money to your bet9ja online account.

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