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2019 SEO Tricks & 21 SEO Strategies to Rank on Google First Page

Complete SEO secret and tricks to rank on top Google first page.

This are the only SEO Secret and 21 SEO Tricks & Strategies you need to develop your blog, and to be (Crawl, Optimize & Rank) on Google first page.

Search Engine Optimization is a most do for every bloggers that have a blog or website on the internet.

Either you are using Blogspot or WordPress, you can't develop your blog or website without search engine.

Even if you focus on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others for promotion. You still needs search engine, because millions of people search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Finder, Ask and others everyday to get solution to their problem.

Before search engine can rank your blog post or URL and every pages, you need to submit your blog to search engine first.

After you submitted your website, then it can now be index, and crawl for optimization.

Now your website pages will now be visible to search engine, especially Google.

This is Now the time you need SEO for your content. In this Article, i will explain all the steps and tricks you need to write an SEO friendly post.

This is the complete Secret for SEO article writing guide below.

Once you follow this method below, all your post will be visible to search engine and also rank high on top all result in the first page on Google.

How to write SEO friendly (Article) Post.

1. Do keyword Research.

The first idea! Before creating any post (article) is to do a Keyword research.

This can easily help you to know the best Keywords that are suitable for your content.

Also to know the level of competitors that have already used the Keywords.

This will also helps you to know maybe your post will be what visitors are looking for, so you can have a profit from the post you publish on your blog.

• How to do Keyword Research.

This is One of the SEO secret and tricks that some SEO expert used when they want to create any content on their blogspot or WordPress site.

2. Insert Keyword in your Post.

After you have choose the best keyword for your post. The next thing is to know how to insert Keywords in your article.

• How to write Keyword for SEO.

Keyword will make your post rank high on Google and to be in first page of all search results.

3. Title Tags.

The first thing to write is your title when you want to create a post.
Your title will determine how Google will rank you higher.

What type of title do you need and how can you write a good title that visitors are looking for.

• How to write a Good Title Tags for SEO.

You must wrote a title that will trick SEO and visitors that want to visit your blog and website in the first time.

4. Description Tags.

After you have create a successful title, the next thing is to write a good and standard description for your post.
Google Search engine spider will check for your description and title tags before picking your post to be on top Google.

• How to write Description Tags for SEO.

5. Header 1,2,3 & 4.

What is header and how to make use of header in blog post.

Header is a text enriching format, which will give your text an extra large looks.

Header1 is also known as H1, which is the largest size. It can be used for Article topic and Headings.

Header2 is also known as H2, which stands for Subheadings. 

Header3 is also known as H3, which stands as Minor text. A text that will be bold small than normal text.

Header4 is also known as H4, which is a normal text. No extra format.

6. Text Formating.

Text format gives text extra look and design. It's also serve as description for important text and Keyword in a post.

Search engine optimization loves text formatting such as (Bold, Italic, Underline), text.

Google and other Search engine will rank your post and website pages quickly, if your text format tricks & tips is high.

7. Text Alignment.

Text align is the position for your article. You may likes to put your text in the (Left, Center or Right) position.

SEO (search engine optimization) can optimize text at any position but the 'best practice and Tips for SEO' is to put your topic or headlines at the center.

 Then make sure Keyword and text formatting is also apply to it.

8. Text bulletin - Number or dot.

  • One of the SEO juice is to add bullet Number or dot (1, or •) in the frame of your article.
  • Bulletin can be used in one or two paragraph of your post.
  • Make sure your bullet Number or dot is 'bold or larger' for SEO to view, including visitors that want to read your post.

9. Color of Text.

Another Google SEO friendly article writing is to add color to some certain Keywords which you want search engine to rank higher.

Color adding to Keyword and description tags make your post looks good and meaningful in the eyes of the readers.

This is another SEO trick that search engine love most, because what visitors want is what Google likes.

10. Background Color of Text.

Apart from Google and other search engine, your blog visitors and users will also likes some of your keywords to have different background. 

Especially links that you use as an example or reference in your post.

Background color for some useful Keyword and link will make them looks different and show it as call to action on your post.

Different background color for Keyword contains 40% of SEO Tricks and Secret that some SEO Expert make use on their blog.

11. Text Font.

One of the best SEO Tricks so far is text font.
A new font size given to your focus keyword will easily describe what the whole article is all about.

Text font are -: Smallest, Small, Normal, Large, and Largest size of text.

12. Link in Text.

SEO loves link to be among text in an article or post.

Not to talk of search engine only, even it is a best idea for Bloggers to include link in each post they publisher.

13. Picture in post.

Every article publish on your blog most have one or more pictures. Even every pages of your blog or website most contain a single picture.

Let your picture be optimize, because search engine pick up an optimized image inside a post. Even Google can use your optimize image to rank your post and website high.

14. Video in Post.

Nowadays, search engine rank website that include YouTube video in the post higher, especially Google.

All SEO expert combine video to their article because they saw this as one of the SEO juice and secret that Google likes.

Google believes that including YouTube videos in your post, you are promoting their market to a wide range of visitors.

15. Select Post Category.

This is the main secret and Pillar of Google search engine.

You must tag every post on your blog to their various categories.

Putting your post in one category will easily combine more related post together and show them in category section of your landing page or homepage of your blog.

This is On Page SEO secret and tips.
We also have Off Page SEO tricks that are been using by SEO expert and professionals.

Related post and pages for SEO

16. Related Posts.

This is what Google search engine looks for? on every website before picking the best to rank on first page.

Related Pages are the post that you put in the same category which are similar post or topic.

This is 20% of SEO secret you must always do if you want to rank high and get on top of Google first page.

17. Breadcrumb List.

This also contains 10% of Google optimization secret and tricks that you must always include in every article on your blog.

Breadcrumb list is SEO juice that Google find inside a content. Even they said it in their optimization help center.

I personally loves breadcrumb list, that's why I also make use of it and my website is doing well.

• How to do Breadcrumb List for SEO.

18. Paragraph.

Make use of paragraph to let visitors and search engine have the ability to read your post and to find it interesting.

Paragraphs are search engine parameters that some expert used to make arrangements for their article.

Make your paragraph clean and clear for readers to enjoy your post.

19. Symbols.

The use of symbols make an article to have a meaning.

Any article without symbols are useless.
The main goals of every good article is to have the correct symbols at where necessary.

Misuse of symbol or not putting symbol at where necessary can make search engine to ignore your page.

Visitors will also turn to user of a blog that uses correct symbols at the appropriate place of each sentences.

20. Top Sites Mention in Post.

The best SEO friendly content writing is to mention top website in an article.

This will serves as (reference or conversions) when someone search for a topic on Google.

Your post may be pick by search engine to give the searcher result of what he/his is finding.

The top sites name or link, you used or mentioned in your post will give search engine 'courage of picking up your page' and rank it high on first page.

21. Mention People who need your Article.

This is an extra SEO tips that you can include to have a better ranking.

The kinds of People that you mention in your article, will simply analyze your article Keyword, to Google that this are the particular kinds of people you target as audience.

Hope this Article helps you? If yes, kindly drop your comment below, before you proceed to the next post like this.

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