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Blogging Secret: How to make $100 a week with your blog.

Finally, Bloggers secret exposed. These are the Tips, Tricks, Cheat, and Strategy to Turn a free blog into money making machine. Make $100 dollar per week, free of charge. 

The hidden secret that professional bloggers are using to make money quickly on their blog through AdSense, Media.net, Info links, ShareAsale, Amazon, and other CPC & CPM Ad Networks is called (Tour).

Now, every new bloggers can also make use of this secret and tricks to make money on all Ad Networks, Affiliates, and Marketing websites.

Today: I want to uncover the masquerade so you can start making money with your new blog.

In this article, I'll told you what is called Tour, and how Pro bloggers are making money with it on their blog and website.

You don't need to pay for hacker to build you a robot or bot to click on Ads for you.

Either you are using a (.blogspot.com) blog or a (WordPress) blog, this tips is for you.

Once you place any Ad on your blog, even if you haven't got Approved by AdSense.
You can try other Ad network such as 'ShareAsaleYllixBidvertiserPropellerads, Infolinks' and others.

This above Ad Network and Affiliate Marketing will Approve you instantly to start monetizing your blog.

Note: With the secret called Tour, you can make more than $100 dollars in a week, if you can make it standard, and enlarge it.

This is how to do the Tour.

If we are 100members here, we will divided into 2group, Everyone will Choose his/her Number, From Number 1-100.

All we need to make $100 is =
(1). 2000clicks or
(2). 40,000 impressions.
Note: it is not easy for New blogger to have 40k pageviews, so we are going to make our Money through Clicks.
Secondly: you can't click on the Ads on your website by yourself if you don't want it to be banned.

So After everyone has Take their Number.
No. 1-50 will be Tour 1.
No. 51-100 will be Tour 2.

° Tour 1In the first day, No. 1-50 will drop their website URL and 49people will visit their Website, only the Owner will not visit his/her website.
He/her will also visit All the remaining 49people's website, so it can go around.
1 blogger must visit 49 bloggers website.

No. 51-100 will also do the same thing that No.1-50 did.

Everyone that visit another person's website Must Click on '3 ads' before leaving the website.

The blogger must use 1min above on the Ads website he/she click.
This will let the Ad Network know that you visit their partner Ads.
Everyone will do this on other bloggers website.

Note: If 1 blogger do 3 clicks on your website Ads, Multiply it with 49people, Making = 147clicks per day.

In the second day.

No.1-50 will change their number to 51-100.
No.51-100 will change their Number to 1-50.

This means that in 'Day 2' Blogger No. 1-50 will visit No. 51-100 website.

Blogger No. 51-100 will also visit No. 1-50 website.

Note: we change it so that the Advertiser On our website will not Notices, that Same people are Clicking on their link Everyday.

We will go for break on 'Day 3' and continue again by 'Day 4'.

With this Formula and Secret called Tour, Advertisers can't get us, and we will make a lot of Money from our website.

In 10days, Everyone clicks will be 1470clicks and we need 2000clicks to make $100.

Note: it may near one month to make our $100 dollars bcos of the break we are going to be taken.
But if we're more than 100 bloggers in the group to make this tour, our mission to earn $100 dollar can be 2weeks or a week.

Tour Guide steps to take and mistake to avoid inorder to make money.

Note: You must stay 1min or more on the Ads you click and make sure you open another page on the Ads website, so they can know it is real person that click their Ads.

Secondly: Every bloggers here must keep on Advertising their blog post on social media during this Bloggers Tour. so that another people and visitors will also visit your website, apart from bloggers that are doing tour.

Also ReadRevenue - How much can bloggers make daily, or monthly.

Don't encourage your blog visitors to click on your Ads. Don't write such things in your post.

This is the simple formula we can used to make $100 every month.

Even in a week if you are more or if your blog have many visitors.

Everyone should read and ask question if you still don't understand.

If you don't have Ads on your blog before, kindly get Ads quickly and gather other bloggers to do this Tour together.

The best place for you to gather other bloggers and make arrangements and discussion about the tour is WhatsApp and Messenger.

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