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Monetize: Best CPM Ad Network for your blog, Try Yllix

Yllix Ad Network approved new and free blog and website.

Yllix is an Instant Approval and High CPM Ad Network For new bloggers. Best Ad formats for Publishers and Referrals to make Money from their website.

I prefer yllix for all new bloggers to make use, bcos yllix will approved you instantly.
Yllix provide a direct link for you to make earnings faster by sharing this link on social media and with your WhatsApp friends and other instant messengers user to click directly.

You can make fast and high revenue once your friends click on the yllix ad link you share with them.

Yllix make it easy and so simple for publishers to get payment quickly, by different methods of payment they provided.

Monetize your website traffic with yX Media

What's are the benefit of Yllix Ad Network.

1. Yllix provide many payments method.
2. There is a direct link for faster revenue on Yllix.
3. You can collect as less as $1 on Yllix.
4. Yllix offers Pay Per Click for Publishers.
5. Applications are Approved instantly on Yllix.
6. No payout limits on Yllix.
7. Yllix provide high revenues for bloggers.
8. Yllix Ads display faster once code is integrated on website.

List of Yllix Payment Method and Options.

  • You can collect $1 by PayPal account on Yllix Network.
  • You can collect $10 with Bitcoin wallet on Yllix.
  • You can collect $50 by Check on Yllix.
  • You can collect $100 by wire transfer on Yllix.

Can you see that Yllix ad services made everything different. You can also sign up for Yllix Referral Program to make extra cash by referring other publishers.

yX Media - Monetize your website traffic with us

How to sign up for Yllix Ads Network.

Goto https://yllix.com/484971/ and click on sign up for publisher. Once the page load, put your Name and Email, then click continue.

A notification screen will display on your phone that your account has successfully Been created please check your mailbox for the confirmation link needed to activate your account.

Open your Email, then click the activation link, and another screen will appear saying congratulations to you.
Click the "I fully understand and accept the general terms and conditions for Publisher" box. Then click "Complete registration" button.

Now, a screen where you will put all your informations will appear, fill all the boxes provided and click 'Continue'.
Another screen will appear again, put your mobile phone number and select your preferred language, then click 'Continue'.

It will takes you to where to select your payment method wish you wish to received your money.

Choose the payment method you want to used and fill the account informations, then click 'Continue'.

Now your registration is completed, close the page and you will enter your dashboard.

Inside your dashboard, you will see Ad Tags among the top menu items, click it and it will show you the list of Ad formats.

Choose the banner ad format or direct link, and place it at the header of your website where you want ads to display.

After you have put the code on your site, go back to your yllix dashboard and click on "Sites".

Then you will see a box mark "Don't show sites with less than 20 impressions", click the box to remove the mark.

Now you will see settings updated, and your website URL will be visible below "My Sites", that's all.

Note: make sure you click on this link https://yllix.com/484971/ directly from this site, so you can enter directly and get instant approval.

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