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3 Fastest and Easiest Ways to Make Money on Facebook

These are the Step by Step Method and Simple Strategies to start earning Money on Facebook.

How to make money online is not that easy but today i will teach you how to make money on Facebook faster and easier with simple tutorials.

There are several ways to make money on Facebook and other social media, but i am going to analyze the targeted point that will make you earn as much money as you want from your Facebook account.

There are billions of people on Facebook and Million+ login to there Facebook account every day.

So why can't you begin to make money on Facebook with simple strategies, so that's the help i want to render for you today, and in some months, you will start making money on Facebook.

These are the most popular asked questions by people that are eager to make money on Facebook.

1. How to make money with a Facebook page.
2. How to earn money through Facebook group.
3. Can i earn money on Facebook.
4. How much can i make on Facebook.
5. Does user have access to make money on Facebook.
6. Simple method to make money on Facebook.
7. What is Facebook Autopilot.
8. How to get paid on Facebook.

Now let's get down to solve the questions Listed above. This is the only secrets which you can used to make money on Facebook.
If anybody told you that there's another ways to earn money on Facebook apart from the tutorial posted here, told the person he/she is a liar.

3ways to make money on Facebook.

1. Earn Money from Facebook Page.
2. Earn Money from Facebook Group.
3. Make Money with Facebook Timeline.

These are the simple ways to start making money with your Facebook account either you want to sell your product or without selling anything.

The First target is to create a 'Facebook Page' and develop your Page.
The goals of every business is to have a Facebook Page, ever if you want to use it for personal interest.

Your Page will represent you and your band. It will also used to identify you and to stay out of competitors with your unique Page ID.

The Second Goals is to create a 'Facebook Group' related to your Page niche.
Add all your friends and family to the group.

Then developed it to become something big, and welcome new members from abroad to join your group inorder to associate and interact with each others.

Thirdly, your 'Facebook Profile' is the other way to make money on Facebook by posting to your 'Timeline'.

How to make money on Facebook Page.

Step1: This is the Primary method to make money on Facebook.

Create a Facebook Page, and make sure you used a unique name for your Page.

Firstly type your niche to Facebook search box, to know what people are searching most on facebook. Once you get the answer then make use of it as your page username.

E.g. If People are searching mostly for job on facebook, and you wants to be giving them Vacancy Informations. So you can easily named your Page 'JOB FINDER'.

Notes: Make sure you provide a good Profile Photo and Cover Photo for your Facebook Page. So this can Attract people to visit your Page and to order for your services.
Also read: Top mistakes that get Facebook account hacked.

After you have created your page, the next step is to invite all your friends to like your Facebook Page.
Share your Page link on your Timeline and other groups on Facebook you are into.
You can also run a Facebook Campaign by promoting your Page with $1dollar Per day for a week or month.

This will let your page get connected with much more people which they will have interest in your page by following your page and make engagement.

The First target is to let your Facebook Page Have 10,000 likes or more.
You are going to be making money from people who likes your Page.

How to do this: Create a shop inside your Facebook Page even if you don't have anything to sell.

If you have a product or any items to sell on Facebook, put the pictures of the items and list of the items with there price inside your shop.

If you don't have anything to sell, Put your Email and Phone number inside the shop with any good photo to display your shop to visitors.

Now, Create a useful post everyday on your Page to let people who likes your Page to comment, like and share your Page on there Timeline.
Once you are creating an important post daily that helps and solve the problem of your Audience, they'll have interest in your Page, and keep visiting your page often and often.


1. Now you can make a special announcement on your page by selling informations to your Page Audience.
You can told them to drop there phone number and Email for daily updates and special Announcement with a payment of 1k or Above.

Once your Audience have trust you, they will surely pays for your services and you can make 100k - 800k, $100 - $500 in a month.

2. You can also create an ebook about the informations you want to give your Audience and make nothing less than $100dollars every week.

3. Once your page has 10,000likes above, Advertisers will looks for you to run their Advertisement on your page, and you can run 2-4 advert in a month by making $200above running Ads with your Facebook Page.

Even if you don't have up-to that Page likes, you can contact Advertisers yourself to run Ads for them on your Facebook Page.
Combine the three ways together and see how much you'll make in a month with your Page.

How to make money on Facebook Group.

Step2: This is another way to make money on Facebook by owning a Facebook group.
Use a unique name for your group and gather people to join your group, some may even find your group and join if its username associate with what people are looking for.

Lay a good foundation in your group and let's all your members discussion to focus on a particular niche of your group.


How to do this:
1. Told your Group Members to drop their Email and phone number to be getting daily updates and special Announcement or some important post and job alerts that will not be posted on facebook, with a payment of 1k or Above.

Once your Audience have trust you, they will surely pays for your services and you can make 100k - 1M, $100 - $1000 in a month.

2. Secondly, you can create an Anouncement and pinned it to be untop of every post on your group to told your members to contact you if they also have something to Advertised in the group and they want it to be ontop as your own.

Once they contact you, just give them the list of your promotion and if it is comfortable for them, they will pays for your services and you will make another income from your group.

3. Thirdly, you can also sell your items and ebooks from your group.
How to create and sell ebooks.

How to make money from Facebook Profile (Timeline).

Step3: This is possible as well if you have a standard Facebook profile by interacting with others.

If you have 3,000above friends on Facebook and most of them normally likes, comment and share your post, you will surely makes money from your Timeline.


How to do this:
1. Help friends to share their product links on your timeline and collect money from them by doing this.

2. Signup for a referral or Affiliates program and always share the links on your Timeline for friends to visit the link and make order from your Affiliate product, and you will make your own commission from every customer you refer.
How to make money by affiliate program.

You can also promote this Referral or Affiliate link on your Facebook Page and Group to make more money every month.

How to put everything into Action.

These are the necessary things to do every time:
1. Always like and comment on your friend's post. This will make them to be closed with you, and they will know you have a feelings for them.
So whenever you post on your timeline too, they are ready to like and comment on your post.

By doing this, you're making a conversion and an engagement on your post.
Your friends will be the transformation of your goals and this will leads you to success very fast.

2. Always create a post that will encourage people or put smile on a friend's face.
They will never forget your post and this will makes them to have a connection with you, and they will have trust in you.

Always remember that the first thing you must create is trust, before you can start making money on Facebook.
Bcos nobody will pay you a dime if they don't have the trust in you. So always make your things to be unique and perfect.

3. Don't associate with any illegal or abusive content on Facebook. Don't post contents that are not belongs to you nor lie for people, so they wouldn't see you as a fake person.

Once you follow all the steps and ways highlighted above, you will surely makes money on Facebook.
If you also have a blog or website, use the steps above to bring visitors to your blog/website, then turn your visitors to money by making them a conversion.

Collect your users email by making use of feedburner to send them new updates of your post, this will makes your user to keep visiting your website.
Sell ebook to your users and make money from your blog and website by bringing traffic from Facebook.

Pls kindly put down your comment below to let me know how useful this Article is been to you, or if you have any other suggestion.

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