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How to cook ogbono soup (draw soup)

How to Cook ogbono soup, (draw soup) ingredients and complete recipes.

To cook ogbono soup, this is all what you need as ingredients:

Ingredients for ogbono soup (draw soup.

  • A 1/2 cup ogbono seeds, you can used peak milk cup for the measurement.
  • 500g of goat meat or assorted meat.
  • 1 piece of dried fish or iced fish (optional).
  • 3 tablespoon of ground crayfish.
  • 1 medium piece of sharki or pomo.
  • 1 head of stock fish.
  • 4 Scotch bonnet pepper.
  • 1 handful of ugwu leaf.
  • 3 Cooking spoon of palm oil. 
  • 3 seasoning cubes.
  • Salt to taste.

Ogbono soup ingredients.

Ogbono seeds.

Steps on how to cook ogbono soup with pictures.

1. Season meat and stock fish with 1 seasoning cube, onions, pepper and salt to taste,cook on a  medium heat. While the meat is on heat, dress the dried fish or smoked fish and keep aside, it will be added later.

Cooking of meat for ogbono soup.

2. Grind both ogbono seeds and crayfish in a dry mill into a fine consistency.

Picture of ground ogbono.

3. Add 2 cooking spoon of palm oil to the ground ogbono and use a spoon to dissolve it by mashing it together and then keep aside.

Mixing  the ground ogbono with palm oil, this will help the ground ogbono to dissolve quickly and Cook easily.

4. Chop onions, grind pepper and shred the leaf you want to use for ogbono soup and keep aside.

5. When the meat has become soft, add dried fish to Cook for 5 minutes, if the meat water has reduced, add a cup of water to the content and bring to boil.

6. After this, separate the meat from the broth, add the ground ogbono into the content to Cook, as it boil, you will notice that the soup is beginning to thicken and as the same time turning viscous. You need it to be more viscous, so, let it Cook for about 10 minutes on a medium heat.

Ogbono is being added to the meat.

7. Add opkei or iru, crayfish, pepper, 2 seasoning cubes and the remaining onions to the content, stir and let it Simmer on a medium heat for 5 minutes. Your stock will become rich and you will start perceiving a nice aroma as it boils.

Ogbono soup is simmering on a low heat.

8. Bring in the Cooked meat, stir the soup and reduce the heat to medium low and let the ogbono soup simmer for about 5_10 minutes to intensify more delicious flavor.

Don't forget to return the cooked meat to the soup.

9. Add the chopped vegetable to the ogbono soup, I used ugwu, u can make use of bitter leaf, uziza, or any other leaf, but in small quantity. Stir the soup properly for all the ingredients to combine, leave it to Cook for 2 minutes.

The leaf is being added to ogbono soup.

Ogbono soup takes better the longer it sits, you can preserve the remaining soup in the fridge after dishing out the needed portion.

10. Put off the heat and serve ogbono soup with your preferred swallow, then refrigerate the remaining soup for another day.

A delicious ogbono soup (draw soup).

Serving ogbono soup With cassava flour (alebo), you can serve yours with EBA, fufu  or pounded yam...

Try yours.....

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