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How to make money online, (Writing Articles).

How to make money online by writing an Article. (website that paid for Article writing in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and others) earn money daily .

Do you wants to make money by writing an article, if yes? This is where to get paid for writing articles. Kindly follow the steps below to join our article writers that are making money with their articles.

Being an article writer doesn't matter on what's profession or category you belongs to, all your aims is to write a sound article and make your money from us as an article buyer.

We have listed how we operate below and also article writer guide that will help you to become one of our writer. 

Hope you know something called article? In briefly, article is the compose of useful and informative contents In a clear text format.

You can search on Google to read further explanation on what is called article? If it is not clear to you.

Ok? I want to be making money through writing an article for Sharpest Arena, How would I get started? And what are the procedure to follow, and in addition what are my benefit and explain to me shortly? Is your website really paying for writers or you just want to be bringing visitors to your website by deceiving people.

Here are the answers to your questions?

How do we operate.

  1. We buy article and pay immediately for our writers.
  2. We support our writers 24/7.
  3. We approved good writers application.
  4. We provide easy way to contact us.
  5. We promote writer's contents.
  6. We are reliable and trust worthy.

What are our own benefit.

  1. We buy articles and post it on our website.
  2. We sell excellent articles we buy to publishers.
  3. We buy good articles to rank our site in SEO.
  4. We buy project articles to help project students.
  5. We buy articles for our daily digest.

Who and Who can apply for writers application. 

1. student that want to be making money with his/her education career can apply for our writers application.

2. An unemployment person that wants to be making daily incomes can apply.

3. A salary earner that wants to increase is earnings can apply.

4. A full-house wife or someone that have nothing doing can apply.

5. A teacher or lecturer that have writing passionate can apply.

Anyone that has access to internet can apply.

Note: Kindly read article writers guide first and come back here to continue.

Read first: Article Writing Guide on how to write a good article.

Make sure you have read our article writing guide before you apply.

Are we reliable for payment.

• Yes of cos? We are real source.
• We don't deceive people like other site telling people to make money through survey and nothing comes out.
• We pays for what you wrote for us.
• No delay in payment after article is approved and accepted.

What types of article do we need from writers.

• Well, we want an excellent articles that will discuss something on this listed below topics -:

1. Technology.
2. Tutorial.
3. Creation or Production.
4. Health.
5. Mobile Apps.
6. Computer and Accessories.
7. Design and Fashion.
8. Blog and Website.
9. Programming and Networking.
10. Economics and Finance.
11. Project and Research.
12. Engineering and Construction.
13. Soccer or Virtual tips.
14. Information & Communication.

Hope you understand the word 'Excellent', it means we want the best from you as an article writer on the contents above.
By picking your topic and develop your point on it.

For Example: I choose (Production), so I will take a topic? Which is "Production of bar soap".

I will develop the best of me on how to produce soap, with clear explanation, strategy, table of content, ingredients, and well compose text with paragraphs and punctuations.

All this will make my article an excellent one and readers friendly.

Which payment methods do we offers.

1. Bank transfer.
2. Online payment.
3. Recharge cards.

We will send your payment through the one you choose from the options above.

Are we capable to pay for writers.

Strongly yes? Not to talk of capable, we are already doing it.
We started from soccer, so now we ready to inspired all youth around the world.

What are the writer's Categories.

1. Basic Writer.
2. Classic Writer.
3. Ultimate Writer.
4. Sharpest Tutor.

Can I know each payment class.

1. Basic ------> #300.
2. Classic ----> #500.
3. Ultimate --> #800.
4. Tutor --------> #1000.

International payment class.

1. Basic ---------> $2.
2. Classic -------> $4.
3. Ultimate ----> $6.
4. Tutor ---------> $8.

This is the payment we offers for our writers according to the category your article belongs to.

How will I know the category my article belongs to? Or how will I makes my article to be in 'Ultimate or Tutor category' so I can make big cash, Click here: Articles Writing Guide, Tips, and skills.

I hope I have understand everything about becoming your writer.

And I have accept all your terms of services.

If yes? Follow the procedure below to get started.

How to get started.

1. Make sure you have an email account.
2. Make sure you are ready to make money.
3. Send an application to us in this format, below:
"My name is Johnson _ _".
"I want to become a writer".
"I am a student or _  _ _ _ _ _ _".
"My Number is 2348145_ _ _ _ _ _".
"My aims is to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _".
"I'll be very happy if my request is granted".

Once we received your application we are going to cross check it and it will be approved once it sweet our taste and if not, we will told you to resubmit your application at another time.

Once your application get approved, but before final approval, we will send you another letter to ask "one or two" things from you and after this we are going to send you a congratulations message and your photo and profile will be on our site if you want.

Special Notices: Make sure you firstly read our Article Writer's Guide below before getting started, it is compulsory.

>> Article Writers Guide.              

Send your Applications to us via.
Email: [email protected].

Or through this Application and Article Submission below.

• Application and Article Submission.

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