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How to create gmail account within a minute.

Simple and fastest method to create a gmail account.

This is the fastest ways below to create a gmail account, which is used to send messages, open website account, creating connection and so on.

Gmail account is been using by a wide range number of people and is the most popular and best email that can protect users information and privacy. google has made it easier to create gmail account for everyone.

So follow the steps below to create an email account.

Notices: you can create upto 3Account with a single phone number and they can easily be access by any device, get started below.

How to create a gmail account.

Step1. Open your browser likes -: operamini, UC browser, chrome, and others.
Type "gmail.com" in the address bar and it will takes you to a login page and at below you will see "Create New Account" click on it and it will take you to where you will put down your phone number, if it already bring your country code just put down your phone number inside the box infont and click submit,

but if it doesn't bring your country code, change it to your country in the country bar above, once it is done google will send you a direct message to your phone then goto the message and click on the link to get started,

Example of the link: http://g.co/mpvua25

 but if you can't access the code through your phone, just copy and paste the link to your browser and you will be redirected to where you will put all your informations.

Step2. Fill all lines.

First Name: _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Last Name:   _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Date of birth _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Sex _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
And others.

After informations filled click submit and it will redirect you to where to choose your username, choose username and click submit.

Step3. Choose password.

It will redirect you to where to choose your password, choose your password and click submit then you are done and it will automatically redirect you to your inbox.

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