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Top mistakes that can get your facebook account hacked

How to secure Facebook account from hackers and How can a Facebook account get hacked.

This are the various reasons why many people's Facebook account are hacked, and once you avoid this below listed reasons your Facebook account can't be hacked.

1. Using Facebook on someone else's phone or computer.

Using someone's computer is one of the main causea for Facebook account being hacked. This is due to the fact that people often do not keep their computer save from Trojans, malware, spyware e.t.c. many people do not even have updated antivirus software installed on their computers.

Using a computer that it is infected with malware, spyware, trojan e.t.c is very risk.

When you login to your Facebook account using infected computers, your account details I.e. username and password are stolen and transmitted to the hacker (criminal) instantly.

Using someone else phone to login is also harmful because after you logout, some dangerous apps maybe on the persons phone which update or clear cookies and redirect to your previous action when the phone owner wants to login.

2. Using same password on every site that you use.

If your password is leaked or stolen, which you have used on one website, e.g. if you registered an account on a fake site that wanted to pay you money or promo, and you used your common password, the hacker will used the password to open  your Facebook account and other website you may have.

So using the same password on every site you open is one of the major reasons for Facebook account to be hacked very easily.

3. Beware of hacker using phishing scam.

Hackers often send emails to millions of people.
In the email the graphics, the text and everything will look like as the email is? Without any doubt is from Facebook.

The email will ask you to re-confirm your account password for security reasons or there will be any other such reasons for asking you to click and open Facebook page where you will enter your password to confirm your account.

The page will open and will look 100% real like Facebook. But actually, it is a fake site.

It's url (address) will not be Facebook.com, some people might notice it, but some people might not. And when you will enter your password, it will be captured and sent to the criminal. The criminal will start misusing your account and even change the password and the username, so you can't have access to it again.

4. Using of dangerous Apps on your phone or computer.

There are tons of Applications, it may seem like a very good game or business app, but once you have installed it, it might start capturing every keystrokes and every tap on the screen and hence your password will be stolen and sent to the criminals for misuse.

Such application may even take charge of your Facebook account and start posting something automatically.

Hope this Article was useful? Let's see your own view on this topic.

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