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Tech: How to use 3passwords on one Facebook account.

How to Secure Facebook password and login.

 This helps in order not to forgot your Facebook account password,
Because you can't forgot 3password at a time.

Facebook accept using 3password for one Facebook account which makes it different from other social media that accept only one password for one account.

Facebook accept the following forms of your password.

1. Your original Facebook password: this is the password you created when sign up for an account, I.e Password = 'sharpestArena1'.

2. Password with the case Toggled: in the above password, letter 'A' is in uppercase and uppercase characters are converted into lowercase and vice versa.
Your default password 'sharpestArena1' will now become 'sharpestarena1'.
Now if you login using the above Toggle password Facebook will accept it.

This is the first variation of your of default password which is Accepted by Facebook.

3. Password with the first letter capitalized: if the first character of your password is in lowercase, you may just change the first letter to uppercase and Facebook will again accept it and let you login.

As in the case of the above example where your default password is 'sharpestArena1, you will just change the first letter to uppercase, you password would now be 'SharpestArena1'.

Note: The third option works for mobile user only.

Do you need 3password for Facebook account.

• It is yes? As it is listed in the explanation above.

• Because the most reason for the Authentic login to be rejected is when the CAP LOCK is ON.

• Incase of mobile phone users, it is common for the first letter of the password to get capitalized when often leads to login failure.

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