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How to stop Facebook from blocking new account

This is the best strategy to stop Facebook from blocking your new account.

Why Facebook are blocking new account? and what can I do to stop Facebook from blocking my new account.

This are the steps below to follow so that Facebook can free your account and some tips to make use of the account, so Facebook wouldn't block it again.

Hope you see the image above, it has example the reasons and the mistakes you made? That's why Facebook is blocking your new account immediately.

Facebook have install a software called (javis), and this javis software is used to detect a face for recognition.

You will see the highlights below.

Why Facebook are blocking new account?

• Facebook are blocking any new account that they found to be fake, because they don't want scammers and spamming to destroy their community standard.

• Facebook are blocking new account that was created not too long which have sent like 50 or more friend request in a roll, or try to had a friend at a different location or country.

• Facebook are blocking new account that they think it will not follow the local laws and their policy through the account recent activities.

• Facebook are blocking new account from a phone which a fake or scamming account have been sign up before, by locking the phone IP address, and once a new account that is suspicious is created on the ip address, Facebook will blocked the new account immediately you registered.

• Facebook is blocking new account that it's username is not standard according to the location of the user IP address, for instant: Kemi carthy, or Bruce lerna in a location which many people are not registering account with that username,

Further explanation: In Nigeria, most people username are: Adewale akeem, Solomon Martin, bidemi alimi, chukwu emeka.

Once you registered with any of this above username that tally with about 100above people already signup with, your account is ok.

But if you registered with, Mike Longinus, or laide Erikson, your account will be terminated immediately.

But Facebook may not blocked some people's account if they open account with foreigners name because Facebook haven't discover any spamming activities from their IP address.

For instant: you are from great Britain and you open account with Michel chaon, don't you know that it is very wrong, and your profile photo also is another issue.

Stop Facebook from blocking new account.

This are the steps for you to follow, once you don't follow this steps Facebook will always be blocking your account.

1. Login/Username.

According to the example above you want to open a female Facebook account, I don't want to know maybe you are a male or female, just follow this steps.

Open Facebook, and click on create a new account.

• Type your username: olufemi Janet.
• Use a unique password: ********.
• Date of birthday: 21-11-1989.
• Country: The country you are presently.
(Once you use another country, you banned).
• Fill all others information and registered your account.
• Use a new mobile number for protection reasons.

Now you have entered your new Facebook account, add 10 people to 15 people and don't add friends too faster, add friends little by little till it is 15 friends.

Don't think your phone is one click and you add 15 friend quickly, schedule your time like a person that his using small phone that the browser will load before adding another friend.

And leave the rest for Facebook to be sending your new account to some people as a new friend suggestion while people will be adding  you to their friends list.

2. Face detection.

Make sure that when you want to upload your first profile photo, use a standard photo that really associate with the username you use, e.g. olufemi Janet must used a photo of a Nigeria girl.

While Robert Carolina must used a photo of american or great Britain girl.

The Facebook javis code will detect your photo face, maybe its tally with your username.

Once your account is created? Now you need to be smart because Facebook is with you on any activities you do.

For the first month don't add much friend in a roll and remember to add your normal friend and chat with them on a normal basis, and also chat with new friends that adds you, so Facebook will know you are real and chatting with real people.

But always remember that every single words you write in your chatting, Facebook is monitoring you, so don't write any suspected words when chatting.

In the first month upload 2 or 3 or more photos, while your country girl photo and sports or athletics photos.

Then change the first profile photo you used to registered to sports photo so people from your location will not think it's you and start sending too much friend request.

You can change this profile photo after 1week you registered, to sports photo.
So when it's about to reach 2month, you can post the actually photo, which you wanted to use and make your profile pics.

Then the challenge begins.

People from different locations will be sending you friend request, but if a particular locations are sending you friend request frequently, just watch your back, Facebook is planning you.

Don't accept all request from the same location or else if the request is within your country, and you yourself don't add more than one or two foreigners in a day and one in morning another one next week.

3. Copy and paste.

This is what Facebook hate most when you are chatting on Facebook, even if you want to contact them they don't allow user to copy and paste for them, if you want to copy or paste on Facebook question page it wouldn't work.

Don't copy and paste when you are chatting.
And also don't post messages to more foreigners that are not on your friends list, and the best way to add much foreigners is to add them through uploading your contact to Facebook.

This will let Facebook to understand that you really know them.

Because if you send a message to many foreigners that are not on your friends list, your account will be blocked.

And if you join to much group at a day, your account will also be blocked.

If you send the same format of message to many people, even if you don't copy and paste, your account will be blocked, because they think you can't be telling all friends the same story.

If you are chatting and writing formatted text, especially when chatting with foreigners, your account will be blocked.

This are example of formatted text below -:

• Hello am Michel Johnson, I go through your profile and found it interesting, so I will likes to know more about you.
• Hello can we talk on WhatsApp or Skype.
• Hello dear, I am new here and I will likes to know you more, this is my number .................
• I have search your profile and I have seen that you will be a romantic man to have relationship with, let me have your number.
• I need money babe, send me through western union.
• Can you pls send me iPhone or any other thing.
• I want to come to your country, send me money for ticket.

And so on.

Facebook have wrote all this formatted text as Trojans or spam in their chat database, once they see something like this above.

It means you are a scammer and your account will be blocked.

Once you avoid all this above mentioned in the first 3-5 month, then Facebook will free you.

But always make sure when you are posting new photos, don't tag too much foreigners with the photo.

And when you meet a new foreigner on Facebook and you want to collect his/her WhatsApp or Skype number, write it like this below -:

• I enjoy chatting with you, let's talk more on whats App.
This is my no: +44810.................

Notice: put space in between the Whats App pronunciation.
Don't let this be the first message for that person.

• You can only rename this account after 2 or more month you are using it.
Don't try to rename it faster because it's dangerous.

After many month that you obey this article then you can be free to chat but still remember Facebook is at your back.

This are the perfect ways to stop Facebook from blocking your new account.

But if your own IP address is totally banned by Facebook from creating new account, firstly created the account on another phone with the tips mentioned above, then you can later login on your phone.

We want comment, ask your question for more tips or give us your feedback on this post.

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