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How to Mod opera mini browser and make money

Create your own phone opera mini browser today, get started with below process.

Mod opera with your preferred name and let's friend download it.

You can use any kinds of phones or computer,
And if your phone can't copy and paste, which means it's small phone, you will see steps that you will use.

How to mod opera mini

Applications Needed to begin.

1. Blueftp.
2. Class editor.
3. Class translator.
4. Operamini 4.2 handler in zip format.
5. Picture in PNG format.

First step.

Page 1). Open your blueftp locate the operamini.zip. open it, press * key to select, Now press menu click on extract selected items.

Now create a new folder and extract the items there.

Page 2).  CHANGING THE ADDRESS BAR  and (www).

Open your class translator locate where your extracted items are, E.g My opera, then open code class for (handler ui), open z class for (lab handler). Scroll down you will see www change it to any word of your choice and save it.


Open your class editor locate the extracted items, open META-INF inside it, you will see MANIFEST. MF inside it, you will see midlet name, change it to your new name E.g Johnson browser.

Note: we don't change operamini 4.2 labshandler else there will be an error.


Open your blueftp locate your extracted items you will see any name with PNG format e.g T.PNG, delete it and go copy the picture, the new one you want as the icon and paste it in the folder, after that rename it to PNG format e.g if it is James.jpg, rename it to Johnson.PNG.


Open your class editor locate [/color] *V and (V can be in blue color)

(Color=black) in the extracted items open it press 9 in the text box, also enter connecting and OK it, then press key 6 and 4 then press * key and key 6 to highlight the word, press key 5 three times, choose text enter your new word.

Note: the word should not be more than the characters you see, you can add space if your word is not up to ten.


Open class editor, open V in the extracted items, you will see http://www.opera mini.com/help/ press *key and key6 to highlight the link.

E.g http://www.opera mini.com/help/your/
Highlighting must stop at (/) then press key5 three times and enter your new link.

Note: if the link you highlighted is 30 in total by counting it word, after word your new link should not exceed or below 30.

Open your class translator locate handleui class in the extracted items scroll down you Will see X-online host, change it to Host and save it.

Open your blueftp, locate the extracted items, press *key to select all, After that press menu and click on compress to zip, continue pressing yes until it says compressing done.

After that rename to -jar e.g it will be in this way opera.zip, then rename it to opera_jar.

Close your blueftp and locate the folder and rename it to .jar I.e from opera_jar to opera.jar.

That's all.

Create your first browser today and start connecting with friends, this is only the place for the best Technology and Tutorial.

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