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Bet9ja Virtual Football Predictions, League Secrets & Tips

This is a guide and 'Bet9ja Prediction' manual (cheat, tricks & tips) on how to win bet9ja virtual football league 2020.

This tips and tricks pattern algorithms also works for 1960bet, Surebet, Betking, Merrybet, Lionsbet, WGB, Sportpesa, Betin, Sportybet, Betway, Dafabet, Bet365, 9jabet, and Nairabet virtual football league.

Correct scores, standardized winning, (GG) Both teams to score, over2.5goals and other options is analyzed in this virtual guide.

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This guide and manual are the computerized odds written in arithmetics calculated programming based Analyzer of the virtual football.

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If you want to be making money everyday on Bet9ja virtual football, Surebet virtual football, 1960bet virtual football, Winners goldenbet virtual football, Nairabet virtual football, Betking Virtual football, Merrybet Virtual football, and others.

This are the VFL Prediction tips and guide you must follow before making any single stake.

Are you ready to win from virtual football league? If yes! Congratulations for being here.

This question? Was asked by one of our virtual subscribers, (How is Virtual football programmed).

Some people also asked similar question to this like -: How to make money from virtual football league.

1st Question?

In my own view, Virtual football is programmed in a computerized format of the real soccer by animation display.
But Bet9ja.com said; virtual football was programmed by unbias RNG(random number generator).

2nd Question?

To make money from Virtual football, we have provided (Vfl correct score trick and cheat, Virtual football league cheats, How to win virtual soccer, Virtual football tips), for you on this website.
Merrybet Virtual cheat, and Nairabet Virtual cheat, page has also be added to our homepage.

In this post, you will see the "Virtual football betting strategy" and "How to win virtual football league" without making use of the Virtual Football Calculator.

Virtual football league tips & tricks that we posted on this website can help you make a lot of money everyday.

We gives you the best (Bet9ja Virtual football prediction, Nairabet Vfl winning formula, How to win virtual soccer 2019), and many other Virtual tips and software.

This are the tips you need to follow and you are going to win big everyday as the exact amount you wish to win in a daily basis.

Welcome once again! This is a confirm prediction, cheat and tricks to stop losing, and start making winning from virtual football, especially bet9ja virtual football league.

Table of Contents.

1. Daily Estimation.

2. Caution and Attention.
3. How to make winning.
4. Aims of playing Virtual.
5. Conclusion.

This are the headlines below -:

1. Daily capital estimation.

What is your daily capital estimation, before playing virtual games? This is the first thing you need to have in mind.

So you need to know your daily capital estimation before putting yourself into it, if you don't want to rushout blaming yourself at the end.

  • #1000 is my daily capital estimation, so I don't need to take more than #1000 to the virtual football shop, orelse if I add an extra amount to buy table water and biscuits for refreshment when playing the virtual.
  • Why do I make this 1k my daily estimation for virtual.

I made this as my estimation today because this is the amount I avoid to lose today? But it maybe 5k or more other time if I think I can avoid to loose it.

Maybe I loose or I won, I have accepted that today is not a good day so I need to come back another day? Don't mind it in mind that you must win in a certain day because this may end you up in selling your properties.

So always lay a daily estimations for virtual football and follow it, that is the No.1 rules in this virtual guide you need to obey and follow.

2. Caution and Attention.

What is meant by caution? Caution is to set yourself a focus and put all your attentions on the focus you have set.

For making this? You are good to go? And count yourself as a winner.

Not everyone that is playing virtual is going to won because it is a game of luck, But you? Yourself need to 'call' the attention of luck to your side.

This is how to do so?

• Don't listen to third party or don't let them to drive away your attention when playing the virtual.

• Don't let fear to come inside you when you want to make a stake on the game that is sure for you? Because you are not the one that is going to play the match by yourself? and your luck may comes from that particular game.

• Don't do betting support, because the person you are supporting that moment luck will goes against you.

• Don't play as to save your money? Because at last, nothing may comes out.

• Don't focus on a single options because a winner must have an opinion, E.g. don't be playing only straight winning all the time when you see they are not winning. So play different options.

3. How to make winning.

Ready to win? This are the steps to follow below, then count yourself as a winner.

  • firstly? stay and watch the League table for 2games before playing, to know the teams form, scoring power and winning ability.

(1). Winning ability.

Any team that have the ability to win a single or two matches, have the ability to win more matches in a roll.

But at a circumstances that the team as won 5 or more matches the team as the ability to lose the next match, or after winning 2 or 3 matches and they face a big team or team that is also in a winning form, the game can result in draw or anybody to team.

Whenever you see two teams which are competing with each other on a League table with a distance of 4 to 5 point, make your focus on this two teams by staking on them and add two over1.5 goals game with them to give you a little valuable odds.

For example.

Matchday table:             ODDS:              League table.

1. ARS - CHE.        2.40, 3.01, 2.83.        1. MNC.

2. LIV - NWC.       1.44, 4.80, 7.08.         2. ARS.
3. BOU - EVE.        3.79, 3.29, 2.08.        3. EVE.
4. BRI - MNC.        5.21, 3.39, 1.61.        4. BUR.
5. SWA - CRY.       2.41, 3.19, 3.00.        5. MNU.
6. BUR - WBA.      2.03, 3.03, 3.89.        6. CRY.
7. MNU - TOT.      2.10, 3.01, 3.89.         7. STC.
8. SOU - LEI.         3.05, 3.19, 2.36.        8. LEI.
9. WHU - HUD.      1.74, 3.39, 5.08       9. CHE.
10. WAT - STC.      3.00, 3.29, 2.41      10. WAT.
                                                                 11. LIV.
                                                                 12. SOU.
                                                               13. WHU.
                                                                 14. TOT.
                                                                15. WBA.
                                                                 16. BOU.
                                                                 17. SWA.
                                                                18. NWC.
                                                                 19. BRI.
                                                                 20. HUD.
New virtual premier league teams added are; ASV, NWC, SHU at bet9ja shop, betking shop, merrybet shop, and betin shop.

If ARS and MNC are the two teams competing with each other, always focus on this two teams and add WHU which is the opponent of "HUD" which is the last team on the table and add "over1.5 or 2.5goals" of EVE which is in '3rd position' in your (1st ticket) and you are going to win.

For Example -:

Games to stake on ticket.

ARS to win = 2.40odds.

MNC to win = 1.68odds.
WHU to win = 1.74odds.
EVE over1.5 = 1.23odds.
   Total odds = 8.63odds.

Now, Calculation of the odds with your stake.

Odd.          Stake.           winning.

8.63     X     150       =       1294.
8.63     X     200       =       1726.
8.63     X     500       =       4315.

This is what exactly you are going to won with your first stake, if you make use of this tips.

So now you want to play your "2nd ticket", and you think that MNC still have the ability to 'win the second match' but arsenal to win maybe difficult, so, you can easily change your formula and play (ARS 'GG') and replace "WHU" with another team like MNU which is also moving up in the League table, and also replace your "EVE" over1.5 with CHE.

See Example below -:

Matchday table.             Odds.

1. MNC - BRI               1.35, 4.80, 7.08.
5. ARS - TOT.               2.55, 3.01, 2.89.
7. HUD - MNU.            4.81, 3.29, 1.81.
8. CHE - BOU.              1.55, 3.39, 5.07.

MNC - to win = 1.35.

ARS - to play GG = 1.69.
MNU - to win = 1.81.
CHE - to play o1.5 = 1.20.
             Total odds = 4.96.

Odd                  Stake            winning.

4.96          X        150      =        743.

4.96         X       200      =     992.
4.96         X       500      =     2480.

That is what you have won again with your second ticket.

Now you want to play your third ticket, think wisely that both you and bet9ja are doing business and one person is going to win while one person is going to lose.

So they don't want you to eat all their money, while they are ready to take all your own money.

So you are going to change your formula on the 3rd ticket and play it as it is indicated below.

Just consider that MNC may win or lose, ARS may also lose or draw or any of them may draw or both of them.

So change your formular to GG or over 1.5 and 2.5 in the "3rd ticket" which is the next Matchday you want to play, and add TOT and CHE to support your odds.

See Example below -:

Matchday table.             Odds.

1. MNC - MNU              2.55, 3.19, 2.88.
2. EVE - ARS.                2.41, 3.15, 2.83.
7. TOT - WHU.             2.21, 3.03, 3.54.
8. SWA - CHE.              4.44, 3.39, 1.83.

MNC - to play GG = 1.70.

ARS - to play GG = 1.66.
TOT - to play o1.5. = 1.22.
CHE - to play o2.5 = 1.80.

Odd                  Stake            winning.

6.20          X        150      =        930.

6.20          X        200      =        1240.
6.20          X        500      =        3100.

That is what you have won again with your Third ticket.

So now, let's calculate your winning in the 3matches you just play.

Ticket 1, 2, and 3. = total odds = 19.79odds.

 Odds.               Stake            Winning.

1. 8.63.               450                 2967.
2. 4.96.               600                 3958.
3. 6.20                1500               9895.

Then you wants to play your 4th ticket, just follow this above principle, I mean the tips and method used above.

Always change your formula in all tickets you want to play and apply new formular, by doing this, you have avoid the risk chance and you have put on the winning spirit.

While applying new formular, make sure you check the (virtual football League table and Matchday table) very well and know the best option that will suit teams you want to play.

So you need to apply a formula called "Gambler Velocity" or if you don't know how to apply this formular contact me or WhatsApp: +2348145642980 or 08100057327.
Or to see the full Cheat Click here: Bet9ja Virtual cheat and correct scores.

I will coach you to make a big winning of your dreams.

So now? Let's get down to the final guide of this Virtual football manual.

4. Aims of playing Virtual Football.

What is your aims in playing virtual football? 
Let me answer this question?

1st point: My aims of playing Virtual Football is to make an extra profit to increase and maximize my daily income.

2nd point: My secondary aims is to make a huge amount of money to establish my primary needs and to make a standard living.

3rd Point: Lastly, my aims is to make money from it as it is a simplest way of making money online through a football version turn to virtual League with the aids of programming.

5. Conclusion.

Hope you now understand what this virtual football league is all about and how to make winning.

Some? will think that how did I compose this virtual guide like someone writing project or someone defending his project?

Nice? All is for you to understand in a better way and I want you to stop losing, I want you to 'win Bet9ja everyday' with this (Virtual Football Prediction).

If you can make winning with this virtual football (soccer) guide and manual, I will be very happy.

Pls kindly get Bet9ja virtual cheat and correct scores Now, Call & whatsApp: 08145642980.
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