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Article writing tips & skills, How to Write a good Article

Article writing skills, and strategy, Tips to write a good and brilliant article.

This article writer guide will help you to know and understand what are the real strategy, you need to follow when writing an article. what are the article contents we approved.

Pls take a cup of tea and sit very well because this article writer guide will be useful for you at many places, apart from making money with article on our site.

The strategy you need to follow will be highlighted below with images, so if you don't follow up all this tutorials, your article maybe rejected and you will be asked to write another article.

 Table of Contents. 

1. How to write an interesting Article?
2. How to write a good article?
3. How many words does good Article contains?
4. Article writing tips and skills?
5. Tips to write article title and description?
6. Article writing format?
7. How to write a catchy article?
8. How to write a creative article title?
9. How to learn content writing?
10. How to write good headline for an article?
11. How to write a compelling article?
12. How to write a popular article topic?
13. How to become a good writer?
14. Article writing guide, and strategy.

All this listed above is explained in this Article writer guide, so read attentively and grap it right.

So we don't want you to waste time and effort in writing an article and at the end of the day we rejected it, that is why we created this article writer guide to help you.

But at times if we decided not to reject your article because of your effort, we can help you to edit it and class it to Basic article by giving you #500 or $2dollar.

So why can't you sit down tightly and write an Ultimate or Tutor articles on 2 different topics at a day and Collect #2000, or $8dollar.

And we may decided not to give someone who wrote (Tutor) Article of #1000 or $8 and make it a salary big cash for him/her by receiving more articles from the person.

This are the steps to follow.

Hope you see this above strategy images on how to write an excellent articles because it is what will want from you.

1. Introduction.

The image said the introduction should grab the readers attention.

How to write a creative article title? Yes? It is right, the first thing your reader want to see is your introduction, however, you can make the best of you by picking an excellent introduction to attached to your article title and then you are good to go.

By doing this? your readers is ready to Read, enjoy and digest what your article is all about.

Tips to write article title and description?

For Example: your tittle is 'Bet9ja virtual tips'.

Your introduction should go like this:

Introduction 1: This is a new tips, posted by bet9ja virtual administrator.

Introduction 2: How to hack bet9ja virtual, and make money with this latest tips.

Introduction 3: At last we get the secret to win bet9ja virtual football.

These (3)three introduction have kill your readers in the first place and it will draw all their attentions to read it,

The salt in the 1st introduction is "Tips posted by bet9ja Administrator"

• Once your reader hear this, they will want to know maybe it is true or false.

Secondly they will want to know, is the tips working perfectly.
So they will read the post from A-Z and they wouldn't sleep until they contact you and request for the tips.

The salt in the 2nd Introduction is "Hack bet9ja virtual and make money".

The salt in the 3nd Introduction is "Secret to win bet9ja virtual football".

See, This above image shows our soccer prediction site page, we talked about virtual tips, I hope you see it on top of search engine, google crawl it top because of the finisher introduction of the topic we made? You can also type in to google and confirm it yourself.

How to write a popular article topic? So? first thing to do is to think of a topic that it is not too common.

And No matter any topic you may think, people would have discussed about it before, so it's left for you to defeat all others competitors you met, by deriving an unbeatable point that the competitors you met haven't mentioned in their articles.

Hope you understand now, on how to write an excellent introduction.
Your title and introduction is the key to the success of your article.

2. Your article Body.

After you have created an excellent introduction for your title, the next thing is your article body.

The image above said elaborate information and facts

Now is what you are introducing to the readers, always put it in mind that no matter how excellent your topic or introduction is? Your article body must be formative and tell the facts which you have mentioned in the introduction.

Creating your facts is just like drinking a bottle of 'coke'. You know that to open it is the problem but to drink the liquid inside it is easy, that's what exactly happens to an article writer.

To get your introduction is the problem but once get? the best introduction keep developing your point on the article body.

For Example: 

Article body: This is a short tips to show you out of the virtual tips we received from bet9ja virtual administrator?

Football league Matchday 14.

1. ARS - TOT = GG _ _ _ _ 1.65odds.
2. MNC - NWC = 1 _ _ _ _ 1.21odds.

Total odds = 2odds.

Play with 1k and won 2k.
Play with 5k and won 10k.
What if you do this in Rollover method and turn your 1k to 100k in 1hour with this tips, then call it a day.
Any Matchday 14 on the virtual Matchday table that you find the 1st and 2nd teams above arranged like this above with this same odds in this tips, play and win 100% sure.

So to get this full tips, hurry up now to subscribe for it with 1k and I will send it to your phone or email, I accept bank payment only.
Contact me so I can send you the payment details: +2348145642980.
In a minutes you will see your phone ringing and lots of messages.

Now, You have wrote a successful and excellent article, because your article have convince your readers that your "Virtual tips is the best and reliable".
So your post will be ontop of the search engine result.

This is the type of articles we want from you.

Notes: that we just used this example above for you as a guide line, so when you are talking about health or other things don't wrote it as this above, it is just used to analysis the key point your readers want from your article, not just writing story that didn't tally with your tittle.

The image above said: Original Content effective writing high quality.

3. We want Original contents.

Don't think you are smart enough that you can copy and paste even on a sky.

If you copy and paste another person's contents and you firstly paste it inside google search box, or on your website drop-down box, or on WhatsApp and you copy it back and paste it to us thinking that the drop-down box would have kill and removed all the copy infringements, JavaScript, CSS, and other things attached to it, you are just deceiving yourself.

See the image above, our database says " NO" to copy and paste.

Once you copy and paste a single word in the article you send to us, your Article will be rejected and throw into our junk disposal.

How many words does good Article contains? So our Advice for you is to sit down gently and take your Notebook and pen to write about 500-1000words article.
Which will be likes: 60 lines above.
1-2pages of higher education.
But it can be more than that if your writing are too big.

Notes: you may write more than that or not up to that estimation we gives you due to the article topics you want to discuss on.

We want to pay you for the contents you work for? So this are the tips we want to put you through.

How to write a catchy article?

Ready and set to write articles.

1. Make your Notebook and pen available.

2. Make your phone available and make sure you have data.

3. Make a cup of tea and biscuits available for refreshment.

4. Think of article that are not too common to write.

5. After you know your topic, quickly type it to google and search for the facts you need from it, but notes that not all site on google have the raw facts, so search more to choose the best.

6. Write down your articles in your Notebook.

7. Open our website and search for article buyer, or how to make money online by writing articles.

Then click on it, and at the bottom of this article. You will see "how to submit articles to us" Click on it, and an article creator will appear to you. Fill your informations asked and write all the article you have written down inside the article post-box provided for you.

Or send your article to us via email, you are going to write your article inside your message box in your email and send to us.

Don't worry about the arrangements, we are going to do that for you.

All we know is No "Copy and Paste".

Once you have sent us the excellent articles we want from you as the example we gives to you above, we will goes through your article and digest it.

We will also take it to our article Inspector for further review.

Once your article make our standard and we categories it to the class it belongs to, we will ask for your payment immediately and send the payment to you through payment option you choose.

We wants to pay you, No matter how much your article whats?

Hope this Article writer guide really helps you to know what you want to do?

If yes kindly put down your comment below and also share with friends.

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