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Welcome to Virtual Football League (Vfl) Prediction platform, where you can get daily virtual tips matches free odds and games to win everyday.

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We posted 'Virtual Football Prediction' from ( 5pm - 8pm ) Everyday.
Refresh this Page every ONE HOUR, for new updates, at that particular time.

Today VFL Tips = 11-11-2019.


Matchday         1x2      1.5        2.5         GG 
ARS vs EVE       2.58     1.25       1.75     1.69

Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG 
MNC vs ARS       2.84     1.22       1.70     1.65


Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG 
MNC vs BOU       1.55     1.19       1.64     1.93

Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG 
CRY vs MNC        1.61     1.25       1.70     1.69


Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
MUN vs BRI       1.35     1.16       1.56      2.04

Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
HUD vs MNU      1.81     1.25       1.70     1.69


Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
CHE vs EVE       2.05     1.23       1.78     1.69

Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
NWC vs CHE      1.61     1.25       1.80     1.65


Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
LIV vs BRI          1.35     1.17      1.61      2.01

Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
HUD vs LIV       1.61     1.21       1.70     1.89


Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
EVE vs BRI       2.05     1.23       1.83      1.69

Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
SOU vs EVE        2.08     1.28       1.93     1.75


Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
BOU vs TOT      3.54     1.28      1.92      1.85

Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
CRY vs BOU        3.54     1.31       2.05     1.84


Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
HUD vs TOT      3.78.     1.28       2.05     1.85

Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
BOU vs HUD       3.54     1.32      2.07      1.83


Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
BRI vs LEI          3.00     1.28       2.00     1.86

Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
ARS vs BRI          5.09     1.25      1.70     1.86


Matchday          1x2      1.5        2.5         GG
WOL vs HUD      3.54     1.31       2.04     1.86

Matchday          1x2       1.5        2.5       GG
BOU vs WOL       2.21     1.31      2.04     1.86

(HOW TO PLAY VIRTUAL FOOTBALL) with the vfl Software predictions above. 

© The green mark 1.00 - means the odds will won.
© The red mark 1.00 - means the odds will loss.
© The yellow mark 1.00 - means the odds will draw.

The number behind each teams under "Matchday" like 12 25 38 means the (week), must the same before you can play any game.

You are going to follow the team name and the odds color, then check their last 5 matches below and make sure it tally or nearest to the one on the virtual screen you want to play.
Win = 1.00     Loss = 1.00     Draw = 1.00



D        W         X         X         D


W       D        D         X         W


X         X        W         D         D


X        W         X         X         D


W        D         D         X         D


W       W        W         X         D


W        D         D          X         D


X       X        D         W         X


X       X        X         X         D


W       D        X         X         D


Notes: The above Virtual Football League (VFL) Tips is 100% sure, those Virtual games are generated by our virtual prediction software Indicator and Calculator.
The games posted today will valid for 24hrs, which means you can still use it before we update new games tomorrow. We also update by 6pm or 7pm at-times everyday.
Make sure you bookmark this page, or click on the "virtual" Page, above on this site.


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This are the list of virtual teams that always play over 1.5 goals in most games, am not telling you they will score over 1.5 goals in every matches.
I give you guarantee of 6-7 out of 10 games.

1. ARS.
2. BOU.
3. EVE.
4. MNC.
5. WHU.

How to play virtual football and win with over 1.5 goals.

The first thing to do: watch the virtual football league match without playing for good 2-3 matches which is week 1, week 2, and week3.

Assuming you wants to start at week 4, which represent matchday 4 in our own betting calculator software.

Let's say you wants to start with #1000 capital in your first day.

Virtual Business Day 1.

1st Game.
Firstly; we are going to pick 2 teams out of the 5 teams listed above for sure over 1.5 goals.
Supposed that Arsenal didn't play over 3.5 or 4.5 in their last game the same thing as Bournemouth, so we are going to pick this two teams.

I can predict the virtual football games myself but for saver mode incase of incasity, let's use virtual betting software indicator.

On the virtual screen; ARS vs EVE, BOU vs HUD is the next match.

Software Pick: ARS and BOU as over 1.5.

ARS = 1.24.
BOU = 1.31.
TOTAL ODDS = 1.62. multiple by 1000 x 1.62 = 1,624.

2nd Game.
Supposed that ARS vs FUL, MNC vs CRY, BRI vs WHU, EVE vs CHE, WOL vs BOU is the next match on the screen.

Software Pick: ARS and MNC as over 1.5.

ARS = 1.18.
MNC = 1.20.
TOTAL ODDS = 1.41. Multiple by 1000 x 1.41 = 1,416.

3rd Game.
Supposed that ARS vs SOU, MNC vs BUR, BRI vs EVE, BOU vs CHE, WHU vs MUN is the next match on the screen.

Software Pick: BOU and WHU as over 1.5.

BOU = 1.25.
WHU = 1.25.
TOTAL ODDS = 1.56. Multiple by 1000 x 1.56 = 1,562.

4th Game.
Supposed that ARS vs MNC, EVE vs BUR, TOT vs BOU, WHU vs LIV is the next match on the screen.

Software Pick: MNC and EVE as over 1.5.

MNC = 1.24.
EVE = 1.28.
TOTAL ODDS = 1.58. Multiple by 1000 x 1.58 = 1,587.

5th Game.
Supposed that WOL vs ARS, TOT vs MNC, FUL vs BOUWHU vs BRI, MUN vs EVE is the next match on the screen.

Software Pick: WHU and EVE as over 1.5.

WHU = 1.21.
EVE = 1.23.
TOTAL ODDS = 1.48. Multiple by 1000 x 1.48 = 1,488.

6th Game.

Supposed that CRY vs ARSMNC vs LEI, WAT vs BOU, STC vs WHU, EVE vs LIV is the next match on the screen.

Software Pick: ARS and MNC as over 1.5.

ARS = 1.25.
MNC = 1.20.
TOTAL ODDS = 1.50. Multiple by 1000 x 1.50 = 1,500.

7th Game.
Supposed that ARS vs CHE, MUN vs MNC, HUD vs BOU, WHU vs FUL, EVE vs SOU is the next match on the screen.

Software Pick: BOU and WHU as over 1.5.

BOU = 1.31.
WHU = 1.27.
TOTAL ODDS = 1.66. Multiple by 1000 x 1.66 = 1,663.

8th Game.
Supposed that STC vs ARS, LIV vs MNC, BOU vs FUL, WOL vs WHUEVE vs CRY is the next match on the screen.

Software Pick: ARS and EVE as over 1.5.

ARS = 1.25.
EVE = 1.22.
TOTAL ODDS = 1.52. Multiple by 1000 x 1.52 = 1,525.

9th Game.
Supposed that TOT vs ARSMNC vs BOU, WAT vs EVE, LEI vs WHU, is the next match on the screen.

Software Pick: MNC and WHU as over 1.5.

MNC = 1.20.
WHU = 1.25.
TOTAL ODDS = 1.50. Multiple by 1000 x 1.50 = 1,500.

10th Game.

Supposed that BOU vs ARS, SOU vs MNC, HUD vs EVE, WHU vs BUR, is the next match on the screen.

Software Pick: ARS and WHU as over 1.5.

ARS = 1.21.
WHU = 1.28.
TOTAL ODDS = 1.54. Multiple by 1000 x 1.54 = 1,548.

Total winning in 10 games = 5413, Added your 1000+5413 = 6413.

I don't just select games to play, our "virtual betting calculator software" will made the selections of the 2 matches to play over 1.5 once i open the (Virtual Football Indicator Software), read more below.

Out of 38 games of a season, we are going to play only 10 games indicated by our software and it is 100% sure to win the 10 virtual games without losing a single match.

Notes: a whole virtual football season ends at one hour to two hours. So, we will wait for our virtual football betting software to indicate games before we can play, for instance; if we play (matchday 1), it can be (matchday 5 or 6) before our software may indicate another games, so we will wait till we get the next game. Our aims is 10 games per season.

So, i and my people only play 10 games per day and that's enough.

So, i guarantee everyone that really wish to join us that you must win 10games daily, No chance to loss.

I called this; (OPERATION TURN N1000 TO N6000 EVERYDAY).

At least if you're making a steady income (profits) of #5000 naira per day in only One hour to 2 hours for playing "virtual football", that's a good idea.

Watch this below video to see (how we play and win Bet9ja/Betking virtual everyday).

Let's do the calculations of the virtual football business profit we make weekly and monthly if we make 6,000 naira everyday.

Weekly Estimation: 6000 x 7 = 42,000 naira every week, with a capital of #7000.
One week profit = 42,000-7000 = 35,000 naira profit, every week.

Monthly estimation: 6000 x 30 = 180,000 naira every month, with a capital of #28,000.
One month profit = 180,000-28,000 = 152,000 naira profit every month.

Consider yourself to a (salary earner of 150k per month) while you are doing soft and cool business - trading virtual football online.

Remember: that you are going to start this virtual business with #1000 naira only on the first day.

This is not a "rollover plan" because once you win, you will still be playing the next game with your (#1000 starting capital) and you will be 'keeping your profit of each winning' till you totally hit 6k and call it a day.

Tap the image above if you wants to join our WhatsApp group for "daily virtual football league (VFL) business", You will be getting the VFL daily games to play directly on WhatsApp.

Notes: You are going to pay #5000 naira only, before you can join us and once your payment is approved, you will get our (Virtual Football Cheat and Correct Scores PDF), before you will be added to our group.
Join us today, we are making thousands of money everyday playing virtual football.

This VFL PDF (eBook) will teach you 'how to play and win virtual football' yourself, you will see (How to win Bet9ja virtual - vfl 2019), Betking Vfl, Merrybet Vfl, Betin Kenya Vfl, with the simple to use "VFL betting strategies, tips, tricks, secrets, predictions, tutorial, winning formula, cheats and correct scores" to win everyday.

No extra payment after you pay the #5000.
You will pay #2000 naira only if you have bought our PDF before.
So, hurry up now to join us and let's make money trading Vfl.

Watch this below videos to see (how we trade Bet9ja virtual and make money everyday).

Virtual Football Trading - Day 1 (From 5k To 10k)

Virtual Football Trading - Day 2 (From 10k To 20k)

Virtual Football Trading - Day 3 (From 20k To 25k)

Virtual Football Trading - Day 4 (From 25k To 30k)

Virtual Football Trading - Day 5 (From 1k To 10k)


The sweet thing behind VFL business is that it doesn't stop you from doing other job or business because you are going to use only ONE HOUR, THIRTY MINUTES to do virtual business everyday and we normally do this business mostly in the evening time, from 9:30pm to 11pm.

Sharplilo VFL Cheat PDF Reviews

Click this below link to see "Vfl reviews" of what people are saying about Sharpest Arena "virtual football league cheats" maybe it is real or fake.


Don't be confused, our virtual football betting calculator software is real and working perfectly, even without the Vfl software, I can predict the virtual football games for you and you will never lost because am trading Virtual Football since 2012 till I got this software 2018.

I have know all the VFL odds and matches outcome because i have calculate each odds ends-to-ends with my betting secrets - Formula 101 PDF.
I have the "VFL odds indicator for over 1.5 and 2.5 goals", which i will be inside the engine room giving you the daily 'Vfl matches' to play and win.
Give my service a trial, I promise you will never regret.

I also have a real Football VIP group but I focus mostly on Virtual Football because no fuck up in Virtual and I made my 6k profit daily since i started 'Virtual Football trading' with my Vfl Calculator & Indicator.

All those copy paste bloggers, don't try to copy anything on this page because your site can be taken down.

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