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Bet9ja Virtual Cheat 2021

Bet9ja Virtual Football League Cheat 2021, Use this VFL Hack Tips to Win Everyday

Today, I will be giving you 100% sure and accurate Bet9ja Virtual Tricks, Tips, Patterns, Techniques, Algorithms and Strategies to win Bet9ja League every time. As you all knows that this is the best and reliable site that provide bet9ja virtual football cheats with the help of our VFL Software and Calculator.

Virtual football league was programmed with RNG (Random Number Generator) which comprises of 3 disc such as RNG Cord, RNG Multi-Cord and RNG Bank disc.
After long-run research made in 2018 on "How to win Bet9ja Virtual Football League", I got a powerful strategy for winning (Over1.5 and Over2.5) goals which is working perfectly and I post it on sharpestarena.com website for free.

In 2019, I got more hacked tricks and strategies then I decided to create an eBook PDF called "How to Win 500k on VFL - Part 1" when I notice that many people are selling my tricks online. This ginger me to improve on my strategic and I also introduce new patterns after becoming expert on GG&2.5 predictions.
Now, I create a new PDF eBook called "VFL MENTOR 2" which contains signal and indicator of 4 Major teams such as MNC, LIV, ARS, and EVE with their targeted teams including
• Trading with Odds
• VFL Calculator Slots
• Trading as a Calculator
• VFL Correct Scores Cheat
• Signal Vs Indicator
• Expert Advice
And so on.

Thousands of bettors started making use of VFL MENTOR 2 because it is working perfectly and as you all know that good contents advertised itself. Sharplilo virtual cheat is still working now in 2021 but I also introduce SHARPEST FORMULA 101 that contains 100% strategies to beat the bookies and everyone with this book are making profits everyday.

This 101 Formulas was used to cracked down all the virtual football algorithms while everyone with this book can play and win virtual football league on all bookmakers in the world. Make sure you read this post to the end.

Firstly watch this Videos to see how the Virtual football cheats PDF works

Hope you are satisfied with the videos above, if not? You can watch more on YouTube, search for SHARPEST TIPS and VFL MENTOR on YouTube. Remember to (Subscribe) to our YouTube channel and TURN ON the notification (Bell) in order not to miss daily VFL tutorial videos.

Virtual football have 3 teams categories

Strong teams, Balance teams, and Weak Teams category.

Strong Teams List


Balance Teams List


Weak Teams List


If you want to play and win Bet9ja league, you need to calculate the league season algorithms by pairing each teams with points they need to be in their mandated position on the league table.

SHARPEST FORMULA 101 PDF has 5 criteria's for predicting virtual football including 101 Formulas that will make you win big money quickly, such as TRIO, EDGE, PERIOD and other formulas.

Let's get down to business, but before we proceed, kindly check out all this winning tickets.

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4 Major Teams.       Best Targeted Teams.

MNC                              CRY + NWC + MNU
LIV                                 LEE + BRN + TOT
ARS                                NWC + SOU + BRN
EVE                                BRI + SOU + CRY

To see the full list, check out: VFL MENTOR 4 .

Now, let's pair the VFL algorithms from week 1 to 38.

Let's say WEEK 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 fixtures are this below.

    WEEK 5                ODDS
1. MNC - TOT               1.71
3. CHE - LIV                  1.75
6. EVE - SOU                 1.83
7. ARS - LEI                   1.89

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 6.
Play EVE - SOU = over2.5.
It is 100% sure to win.

    WEEK 6                    ODDS
2. EVE - BRI                   1.70
3. MNU - ARS                1.75
5. WOL - LIV                   1.88
8. MNC - BRN                 1.55

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 2.
Play EVE - BRI = over2.5.
It is 100% sure to win.

    WEEK 7                     ODDS
2. CRY - EVE                  1.88
4. BRI - MNC                  1.61
5. TOT - LIV                    1.75
6. ARS - SOU                  1.90

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 2.
Play CRY - EVE = over2.5.
It is 100% sure to win.

    WEEK 8                     ODDS
1. EVE - NWC                 1.83
2. WHU - ARS                 1.88
6. MNC - BUR                 1.55
8. LIV - ASV                    1.53

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 6.
Play MNC - BUR = over2.5.
It is 100% sure to win.

    WEEK 9                     ODDS
4. LEE - LIV                    1.75
6. MNC - WOL                1.77
7. CRY - ARS                  1.87
9. EVE - BRN                  1.70

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 4.
Play LEE - LIV = over2.5.
It is 100% sure to win.


As a matter of fact that EVE pick (Scoring Form) in "week 5" once they meet their best targeted team and they play over2.5. This means EVE will play over2.5 again in "week 6" because they are meeting another targeted team. EVE still have the ability to play over2.5 again in "week 7" because they are still meeting targeted teams and their odds too is still in Media. You need to get VFL MENTOR 4 if you want to know how to calculate for Media Odds.

MNC will pick (Scoring Form) in week 8 or have the chance to play over2.5 after few Under2.5. Secondly, BUR is an (Activator) for MNC which means the match will result to over2.5. You will learn more about Activators inside our PDF ebooks.

LIV will likewise pick (Scoring Form) in week 9 because they are meeting their (Activator) which is LEE and their odds is in Media. This simply means that LIV is going to play over2.5.

That's exactly how the Bet9ja League Cheat above works and it also works for Betking, Betpawa, Sportybet, Odibets, Betway, Betika, 1xbet and others.

No matter how Bet9ja makes new update, you will always win if you have SHARPEST FORMULA 101 eBook PDF because it has explained all the virtual football algorithms and programming patterns which the book has covered all the future updates that can be made by Betradar and 1x2 Gaming Software themselves.

Who are Betradar?
Who are 1x2 Gaming Software?

Betradar and 1x2 Gaming Software are the 2 most popular virtual football league programming company that offers VFL to all Bookmakers in the world.

If you are looking for "how to win Bet9ja everyday" or "how to win virtual football league everyday", all you need is SHARPEST FORMULA 101 PDF.


For you to know everything about VFL and to make use of the Signal and Indicator including Media Method, Smart Bettor Techniques, League Activator Pattern and Targeted Teams, you need to get VFL MENTOR 4 PDF.

Download: VFL MENTOR 4 (PDF)

VFL MENTOR 3 PDF ebook is available now and it is the latest update pdf to win Bet9ja virtual football league 2021 and every other bookies.

Download: VFL MENTOR 3 (PDF)

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Your winning is Assured.


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