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True life Story


"After 6yrs of childlessness i adopted a child but now i have my own babies, i see no need keeping the child anymore

We visited several hospitals for our childlessness but all confirmed, we were both very much ok. But i still felt empty without a child, so, i approached my husband with the idea of adoption while we hope & pray for God to bless us with ours, he reluctantly accepted & we did, 2 months later i finally got pregnant, our awesome God blessed me with a set of twins, 2 very cute boys. So, It's been a year,

To be honest, I'm starting to regret why we adopted the boy, i really wish i could wait just a little bit longer, it's obvious that God had already had plans blessing me with my twin boys. Seeing my husband more attached to someone else's child we do not even know more than his own biological kids gets me worried, i feel annoyed watching him show so much care, love & attention to the boy who isn't even ours.. 

I know i wouldn't be able to love this boy as mine, i mean, I don't see the need keeping him any longer, i now have my own kids to take care of, i can't have my babies compete with a total stranger for their own biological fathers love & attention, he's 3 whole years older than my babies, he might just grow & start feeling entitled to what rightfully belongs to my kids. I'm only but a mother whom is looking out for her children 

I plan on returning the boy or giving him up for adoption without having issues with my husband whom is more attached to him, but i don't know how, pls how do i go about this, i beg some guidance.."

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