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How you can make the Trending Milky Doughnut

 Making of Milky Doughnuts

This Milky Doughnut is being trending now on social media, there are alot of complains from different people ordering it online, some were saying the Doughnuts were not well fried, some were not properly filled with milk, some were tasteless, there are alot of complain from different people going on internet when they ordered. But why can't you made your own Doughnut yourself with just little amount of money instead of you ordering from where you don't even know how they make it,  you don't know how they produce, you just order and eat which is not properly hygenic.

But here I would like to enlighten you on how you can make your easily milky doughnut without any stress at all, once you get your ingredients, you are free to go.

Some don't know what is meant by Doughnut, let me explain first before I proceed..

Doughnuts are sweet pastry that is usually in  ring shape, with a hole in the middle and deep fried to golden perfection. Some professional bakers will intentionally design them in to oval shapes and fill them with light fruit fillings or with milk or even custards. However traditional doughnuts are often dusted with sugar or thicker frosting and sprinkled with an array of toppings from coconut flakes and chocolate shavings to crunchy, colored cereal bits.

Now, as we all know what Doughnut is, let's go back to the trending milky Doughnuts recipe, how you can make yours at home without any stress..

 You can easily try these steps at home and it will come out nice..

Ingredients used in Milky Doughnuts.

5 cups of plain Flour.

70g of Margarine/Butter.

2 Large eggs.

2/3 cup of Sugar

1/2 spoon of dry active yeast.

1 cup of milk ( optional, u can use lukewarm water)

1/4 of milk flavor.

Powdered milk to coat the doughnuts

Condensed milk

Now let's get started;

  • Step 1:  Pour your sieve flour in a bowl, add sugar, add yeast, mix the dry ingredients thoroughly, transfer into the mixer which uses dough hook, and if you don't have mixer, you don't need to be panic, wash your hands thoroughly, you may put on clean gloves and use your hand to mix properly.

  • Step 2:  Then add the Margarine/Butter, add the eggs, add milk, then mix thoroughly for 10 minutes using very high mixer speed and if you dnt have mixer, mix with your hands thoroughly, add flavor and continue mixing till it stops sticking.

  • Step 3: The dough is ready now, sprinkle some flour on a flat surface, knead thoroughly, check if its stretches, this show that the dough is fully ready, then cut to choice sizes.

  • Step 4: Mould to an oval shape, and place each on a tray that you have sprinkled with flour, u may also add clean pieces of paper on the tray and sprinkle with some flour to avoid the dough sticky on the tray.

  • Step 5: Allow to proof and rise for 45mins before frying and after 45 minutes, use the low heat to fry the doughnuts to avoid burning when it has not done.

  • Step 6: On a low heat, keep frying your doughnuts, flip over for the other side to fry using a clean stick. After Browning from the both side, remove the doughnuts from heat, then allow it to cool.

  • Step 7: Get some powdered milk on a plate and coat the fried Doughnuts with the powdered milk. Please consume these milk coated doughnuts within 1 to 2 hrs at most.

  • Step 8: Put some condensed milk in a bowl, this is for filling, add some powdered milk and keep stirring untill it fully mixed and sticky, you can also make use of custard for filling, just prepared ur normal custard not too thick, add condensed milk and stir properly until it's fully mixed and a little bit sticky.

  • Step 9: Transfer the filling into a piping bag, create hole in the doughnut and pipe in the filling. The result looks amazing because it's yummy!

Try yours now 👍..

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