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How To Start A Sports Blog And Become A Millionaire

How to start a sports blog and earn a huge amount from it

If you are willing to start a blog and if you know much about sport or you love sport, why not try to start  a sports blog?
In this article, you will learn how to start a sports blog and earn a significant amount from it continually.

What's a sports blog about?

It's a blog where you find information about different sports events ranging from football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, tennis, horse racing, voodoo, and many more. Sport blogging has  a bunch of niches, you just have to pick the one you are interested in. Keep in mind that you need to make in-depth research on any sports niche you come across, or else you will end up wasting your time.

One of the reasons why I will suggest a sports blog is because it's lucrative and also has low competition, not like another blogging niche. It also has a large interest rate. Thousand of youths in the country love sport so much.

If you are willing to launch a sports blog, generating articles won't be a problem at all, because they are tons of conceptions where you will get sports contents from, in addition to this if you monetize your sports blog with an ad network like "Adsense" there is an enormous affiliate prospect in a sports blog.

Here is a guideline on how to start a sports blog in Nigeria

(1) Choose your preferred niche
There are lots of small scale niche when it comes to sport, all you just need is to choose a preferred niche and make in-depth research on it before you start drafting down articles on it. It's advisable to make research on every niche you want to write about.

(2) Get a domain name and web hosting for the blog
Once you've picked your preferred niche, the next thing to do is to get a
domain name for the blog and you will also need a web hosting. If you don't
get these two basic things, you won't make money on the blog because no one
respects a blog with a free domain name. Make sure you give your blog a domain name that will be easy to remember, not the one that will be difficult to remember. Examples of domain name that are easy to remember
are www.wapjotter.comwww.dailyscuup.com,www.onlinedalys.com.

(3) Get an impressive template for the blog
If you don't know what a template is, it's the color of your blog and how
the blog is designed. The template is very important because that's what beautifies the blog and also attracts more visitors to your blog. A blog template will keep your blog enticed. Make sure you go for a template that
is not hard to customize and also SEO friendly. Make in-depth research on the blog template and how to get them.

(4) Get a WordPress plugin on your web server
Once you've gotten a domain name for your blog, web hosting, and a template
the next thing to do is to get a WordPress plugin installed on your web server. The importance of installing a WordPress plugin on your device is to design your blog without going through much stress or using codes like
HTML and CSS to design your blog.

(5) Design the blog
Once you've gotten a template and you've also installed WordPress on your
web server, then you need to design your blog, in this stage, you will have to design the blog, introduce search engine modules, set up a prime link, you add contact us, about us, terms and conditions apply, privacy and policy, and you also add a bio on the blog.

(6) Publish your articles
After you've done the necessary things I listed above, start publishing articles on the blog, you can publish various things ranging from news,
sports events, analysis, sports gossip, sports fixtures, live feeds and many more.

(7) Develop the blog
After publishing articles on  the blog, try as much as possible to develop the blog, you submit the blog to web crawlers and google and also include share buttons to it so the visitors can share your blog link on their
social media accounts.

(8) Monetize your blog
You can monetize your blog in so many ways. Nigerian bloggers monetize their blog in different ways ranging from Google Adsense, sponsored post, affiliates marketing and private ads for brands.

(9) Work on the blogs SEO and get traffic
You need to work on your blog's SEO and try as much as possible to get traffic to your blog. The best place to promote your blog is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, linked in, and many more.

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