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Top Richest Football Clubs in Nigeria

The same way foreign countries have various football clubs is also the same

way we have football clubs in Nigeria.

The football clubs in Nigeria are known as (NPFL) Nigerian Professional Football League, I know this might sound funny lol!

Some of these clubs are known for carrying trophies and different prizes
and money is also involved. So anyone that carries a trophy has made the
team make money. Asides from carrying trophy alone, the team will also sign an endorsement deal. These are some of the things that make a football team standout as a rich team in the country.

In this article, you will get to know about the richest football clubs we
have in the country. A lot of people are not aware of these football clubs.
If you find yourself in this category you need to take note of them from

There are tons of football clubs in the country, these football clubs have
carried a lot of trophies and also won different award. They have made
Nigeria proud in so many aspects.
If you wish to know these football clubs you need to go through the ones I
will be listed below.

Here is the list of rich football clubs in Nigeria

(1) Kano pillars FC
To me, kano pillars FC is one of the richest football clubs we have in the
country. If you check google for the top list of football clubs in Nigeria,
you will find kano pillars FC in the top list. The football club begun in
the 190,s and they have won different awards and trophies. According to
what I found In research, this football team has won up to five awards.
They won an award in 2008,2012,2013,2014 and they are aspiring to win an
award in 2020.

(2) Enyimba football club
Enyimba football club is a popular football club in the country, the
football club was once known as iwanyanwu nationel before it was changed to the eyinmba football club. The football club begin in 1976 and it is among the richest football club in Nigeria. The football club has won some awards over the past years, which includes three federations, six Nigerian
champions, and two African champions.

(3) Shooting starts sport club
Ahooting Stars sports club is a popular sport club and a rich sports club
in the country, they are also known as 3sc. The football club is based in
Oyo state and they have carried different football trophies and they have
won the Nigerian primer league, they won it 5 times and they have also won
CAF the first edition. One other thing you need to know about this football
club is that they are the first to carry a trophy outside of Nigeria.

(4) Rangers International football club
Rangers International football club is a popular football club in Nigeria,
the football club is also known as Enugu Rangers. The football club is
based in Enugu state and it is among the richest football club in the
country and they have won different awards, carried different trophies and
they have signed different endorsement deals. One fact about this football
club is that they are rated number 3 among all the football clubs in

(5) Bendel Insurance FC
Bendel insurance football club is another rich football club in the country.
Bendel Insurance FC is based in Benin state and the founder is among the
people that formed the Nigerian premier league.  The football club is rich
and they have carried different trophies and won various awards. And they
have received different endorsements in different countries.

(6) Ifeanyi Ubah FC
Ifeanyi Ubah FC is a rich and popular football club in Nigeria, the
football club is owned by a man called Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, that's why
the name of the club is Ifeanyi Ubah FC. The headquarters of the football
club is at 21 Nnob road Nnewi in Anambra state. The football clubs have won a lot of awards and carried different trophies.

(7) United FC.
This football club begun in uyo in Akwa Ibom. The football team was founded by a Nigerian military administrator known as captain Joseph. The football club is very popular in the country and it is among the highest-paid
football clubs in Nigeria.

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