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MTN Cheat to Get 1GB Data with #200 naira on MTN Line

How to get 1gb data for #200 on Mtn Network

MTN Is the biggest telecommunication company in Nigerian, even for the fact that the company went through some hard times about 5 years ago, the
company still remains the biggest telecommunication company in Nigeria and it is one f the most used network in Nigeria and other countries.

MTN was introduced in Nigeria in 2001 and the company is among the South African group called the telecommunication conglomerate.

When the company was launched in 2001. They spent over $200 million dollars just to get a gsm license in Nigeria and that was the month of January.
That's over 18 years now.

The company remains the largest telecommunication company in Nigeria and they have over 70 million users.

The company is growing rapidly, two years ago the company disclosed that they have about 55 million users and they are working very hard to get more
users.  But they haven't disclosed the number of users they have in 2020.
I'm pretty sure they have increased hastily as well.

MTN makes over 500 billion annually, sometimes in 2015 a very big company wanted to buy MTN company, they almost fall into their hands but things went upside down.

MTN has won two awards from brad Africa. The last award they won was in 2015.

The company has branches in 21 different countries but people think it's only in Ghana, Nigeria, and S.A. but they operate in different countries including the middle east.

The advantage of using MTN is that they give their users different offers most especially in festive seasons, but a lot of people are not aware of these offers.

In this article, I will be talking about how you can get 1gb for #200 if you wish to go for this offer you need to go through all that I have written in This article.

MTN has some enormous offers which will be beneficial to MTN users but a lot of people complains about different problems they face in these offers.

MTN has made data appeals to its users, these offers are very easy to access. The advantage of using these plans is that you can watch videos with it, play video games, and download various things.

This mtn plan is called MTN my offer. It was launched not too long after airtel released its own plan called airtel my offer. Mtn my offer is a new plan.

This plan was designed for people that are on a lookout for cheap data plans, because not everyone can afford to purchase a sufficient data plan in Nigeria. If you are the type that needs a cheap data plan, you are on the right track.

MTN my offer is similar airtel my offer but there is a little difference between the two of them.

The downside of mtn my offer is that not everyone is eligible to use it.
MTN my offer is meant for specific users.

If you are eligible for this offer you can purchase different data plans from MTN ranging from 1.gb for #200, #300 for 1.5gb, and many more. But it depends on your sim card, your sim card is what will determine the type of data you are eligible for. The data is choosy, not everyone is eligible for it but keep in mind that there is no harm in trying, you might try it and it works out.

(i) just dial *567# on your device.
(ii) it will bring out different opinions.
(iii) chose the number four option, that's where the offer will be

If you didn't find the number four option on the menu, the data isn't available for you.

You can also try different options but what you need to know is that the data tangibility varies from every offer you are entitled to. If you find the number four option in the list, you are good to go and it's time to enjoy your 1gb.

You can surf the Internet the way you like with this data, you can watch movies online, listen to music, play online games, and many more. But you need to also be careful with the way you use it because data doesn't last
long, I believe you are aware of that. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section and also share your own thoughts on the mtn offer plan.

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