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List of Websites that Offers Free Calls Online

List of Websites that Offers Free Calls Online

In this page, I would like to tell you about some websites that can offers free calls online. What I will be talking about is how to make free calls on website which is through internet access. But the only limitation these platforms have is
that you can't make calls without internet access. I will be talking about
PC to mobile calls not PC to PC calls.

They are tons of websites that offers voice calls service, you can use
these websites to call anyone in any part of the world without paying a
dime. These platforms are available in every country, you can talk to your
friends, siblings, parents and many more with the use of these platforms.

These websites have some  difficulty, which is the ads, limited number, and
voice call duration but the sites are still awesome. Because it helps you
save money rather than spending money on airtime. The best time to enjoy
these platforms is when you want to call someone from a different country.

If you would love to make calls from different countries,  this article has
the best platforms you can use.

Here is the list of platforms that offers free voice call service

(1) www.freeecall.com
Free call.com is an authentic software when it comes to making a voice call
in different destinations. And that's is why I made it number one the list,
you can use this platform to make calls in over 50 destinations and you are
allowed to make over 300 minutes voice call for free in 1 week. You can
visit the site for more info www.freecall.com

(2) ievaphone.com
the ievaphone is another awesome website on the internet, I also love using
this platform to make  different voice calls in different countries. The
website offers a free voice call service. You can make calls with your PC
to a mobile device, both national and international but the downside of
this platform is that the call duration varies from the country where the
call was made and the line provider as well. And that's the only thing you
might find inconvenient on this platforms, but iecaphone Is still awesome

(3) calleasy.com Calleasy.com is a good Website that offers a free voice call service in every part of the world. You can make calls with just a few cents per
minute. You can also make calls from your PC to mobile devices.
If you would love to use this platform, visit the sitewww.calleasy.com

(4) flash2volp.com
you can use these platforms to make calls to more than 30 countries in the
world with just your mobile phone browser. You don't need to install any
software or application on your device, all you just have to do is to visit
the website, create an account, and start enjoying the free voice call.

(5) Globe7
Globe7 is a small application combined with IM videos, small phones, news,
and many more. If you install Globe7 on your device, you can't make voice
calls only, but you can also play video games and also watch some
entertaining videos on the internet with it.
This app also has some features like live radio, text messages, and you can
also upload and share different files with it.  The application can be
installed on Mac, Android and Linux devices

(6) call
I call is a wonderful tool for making a voice call, the good part about
this tool is that it uses a VoIP(voice calls over IP) which helps you
utilize your connection and dial-up.  Why I personally like this site is
that it allows every user make calls directly from the browser, it's not
necessary you install the app.

(7) Goober you call
Goober is an awesome free voice call platform, all you just need is to
visit the official website and create an account, you don't need to install
any software on your device. Once you visit the site you will be asked to
put your phone number and your destination number, after doing that you can make your Call.
The downside of this website is that there is a duration of call you can make, according to the destination of the call. 

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