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List of skills that can fetch you a lot of money without having a shop

We all know the condition of the country. We have thousands of graduates seeking jobs. But the fact that it's not easy getting a job in the country, some citizens are doing well with their skill.
Some individuals are doing well with their skills. If you have a skill, you are likely to earn more than people who do 9 to 5 pm job in the country.

If you have a job, you can still make money with your skill. You don't need to have a shop before you can make money with your skill.
What are the skills that can fetch us Money money without having a shop?
They are lots of skills that can fetch you sufficient funds every month, daily or weekly without having a shop.

Here is the list of skills

1. Photography

Photography is a very good skill in Nigeria that can fetch you sufficient funds consistently without having a shop.
As a photographer, there are different events you can cover, ranging from a house party, naming ceremony, burials, wedding engagements, and many more.
For the fact that people have different phones with authentic megapixels, photography still remains a good trait In the country.
Without a photographer, events can not go well, because you will need someone to help you  package your pictures and photo books.
If you want to go into photography in Nigeria, you will need about #150,000 or more. With #150,000 you can buy a cheap camera for #80,000 and a laptop with #50,000 and a speed light with #20,000.
There are other equipment you will need for the job, but the ones I listed are the basic ones.

2. Baking

If you are good at making snacks like meat pie, chin chin,  fish roll, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, or any type of snacks. You can earn a decent amount regularly even if you are a student.
You don't need a shop if you want to be a supplier, all you just need is to move around and let people know you. They are lots of eateries, hotels, and restaurants that are willing to employ you.
If you want to start a baking business, you need to budget at least #100,000. To the required utensils.

List of utensils needed for baking
(1) oven
(2) frying pan
(3) Rolling Pin
(4) Measuring Cups
(5) Rubber Spatula
(6) Pastry Brush

3. Website designing

This business is very lucrative in the country. If you have this skill, you need to make an in-depth on businesses that need a website. A lot of brands need an online presence. But keep in mind that if you want people to hire you, show them samples of websites you created and you also need  an official website.
You don't need a shop before you can work as a website designer, and all you need for this business is a laptop.

4. Graphic designing

Graphic designing is a very good skill in Nigeria that brings consistent Money, once you have this skill keep in mind that you won't run out of clients and that's because people will hire you for different services ranging from flyers designing, business card, banners, and many more. Sometimes photographers also hire graphic designers in terms of editing pictures. If you are friends with any photographer, you can work together.

5. Article writing

Articles writing is a very good skill.  If you don't have a blog, you can write for bloggers and you get paid for it. They are lots of bloggers in Nigeria that are ready to pay you to write for them. This skill is a very good skill, mostly for students.
You don't need a laptop to work as a content writer, you can write articles with your phone.  If you want to work as an article, they are some apps you need to have on your phone.
List of apps to have on your phone.

(1) Grammarly:
this app will help you correct every grammatical error you made in your article.

(2) Notepad
Notepad is a mobile app for writing articles.

(3) Polaris view:
This app is meant for converting articles to document. 

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