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List of Free Web Hosting Company

List of Free Web Hosting Company

If you are just about to start a blog and you are on a lookout for the best free web hosting site to use on your blog,  you've landed on the best Page for that. This article contains a list of free web hosting companies on the internet. These platforms are free in a lifetime, they are not for a few days or trials.

Before you start using these web hosting sites, they are some things you need to know, which are the pros and cons.

Using a free web hosting on your blog has no side effects at all,  the main reason why people use these web hosting services is that they want to start a blog for a short time or they are just testing it.

One of the importance of using a web hosting is when you want to move your
blog from blogger to WordPress. Every WordPress platform needs web hosting
but the blogger platform doesn't need web hosting.

Keep in mind that every web hosting company has some factors that can impede the use of their service..

1. The uptime

The uptime of web hosting is the amount of time you are entitled to use the
service.  Every blogger doesn't want to lose traffic on their blog. If you launch your WordPress blog on a free web hosting with an unstable uptime, keep in mind that you won't achieve anything on your blog.

2. Dependability

One other thing you need to know about a free web hosting service is that
most of them are not reliable. A lot of bloggers that launch their blog on
a free web hosting service complains about their blogs dismiss

3. Customer care

If you encounter any problem with their service, you won't be able to reach out to any customer care representative or their social media account and email, because they won't respond to you.

4. ads display

One other thing you might find so inconsistent is the ads display. These web hosting companies place ads on every blog unawares. And that's because you are launching your blog with them for free.

However, you will get to know about the best web hosting company on the internet, if you are on a lookout for the best free web hosting, you are on the right track. These web hosting company also offers free domain names.

Here is a list of free web hostingsites

(1) 000webhost

000webhost is a popular web host on the internet, it is free and has great features. I know you might be puzzled because of the name. The company doesn't bear a fancy name like other web hosting service but 000webhost simply means $0.00 host. This hosting company gives their site a 99 percent guarantee for free.

The web hosting company also gives every user a 100GB transfer and a 1.5GB space for the disk. If you host your blog or website on this company, you will get a Cpanel and other things.

(2) infinity free

Infinity free is another awesome web hosting service on the internet. They also have a premium service but it's your choice to go for the free service or the paid service. One good thing about infinity free is that it has a good feature as a premium service. Some of the services include pop3, email, bandwidth, and cpanel.

(3) by host

Bye host is also a good web hosting service on the internet, but what you might not like about the service is that they promised to offer unlimited size and a good bandwidth but that's not in any way true, keep in mind that you won't be able to reach out to any customer care representative if you encounter any problem, but they respond to email sometimes.

(4) Free web hosting

This service is awesome and almost all their services are limited like
MySQL, PHP, but the bandwidth and storage space isn't limited. This web
hosting has these features.

(i) 100GB bandwidth and GB space

(i) you are allowed to add unlimited domain

(iii) you can manage emails

(iV) control panel

(v) you will gain access to MySQL database and website builder

(5) proper host

Proper host is among the best hosting service on the internet, they promise
to offer all their services for free. if you launch your site or WordPress blog on this service you will be given an unlimited disc space, MySQL, database, unlimited bandwidth, control panel, and a website builder, but I once heard a complaint about the website builder, stating that it is not

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