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How To Start A Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

Do You Knw You Can Start A Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria?

Yes! Here are the steps that will guide you on how to start a recharge card printing business, I am going to tell you your ultimate guide to start up this recharge card printing business in this Nigeria, maybe you have been looking for a simple guide on how to start selling recharge cards from the comfort of your home legally in Nigeria, then relax because you are in good place that will guide and teach you all the necessary steps involved in starting this business, sit comfortably and read this article very well, you will be surprised to discover how easy it is.

This article is highly dedicated to people who are willing to go into a profitable recharge card business in Nigeria and do not know how to go about it, I am going to advise you to read this article very carefully because this is a rare and golden opportunity for you to start your own recharge card business without any stress. Recharge cards are the fastest selling products in this country and it is so lucrative that everyone needs to recharge everyday, it is a golden opportunity for you to start printing your own recharge cards, selling of recharge cards both in wholesale and retail have proven to be very profitable due to the high demands from the public everyday and it has changed the financial status of many poor Nigerians, doing this business is a great opportunity for you because it is a business that moves very fast in sales.

Now, what are the tools you need in starting this business..

These are the primary tools you will need in starting this business..

Though, you may not need a lot of special tools for this business but there are some tools you must make sure you get and these are the tools:

  • Valid Email address
  • You must have a working computer or laptop with stable internet connection
  • You must also get recharge card printing machine
  • A3/A4 paper for printing out the recharge cards
  • Software for de-encrypting the pin codes which are sent to you
  • And then the starting capital
How can you start this recharge card printing business

When you want to start this printing business, you will need the pin codes that will be printed on the vouchers. Usually, it is able to get them from the major dealers who will sell them for you as a reduced price. Most often, the pins are sent through e-mail and you can easily get a dealer online. However, you should always check their reliability very well before you register with them. Once you register, you will have to provide the proof of your identity and purchase a minimal amount of pins. The payment for your pin codes has to be done through the bank, the dealer will provide you with the bank account where you have to transfer money and then you will get an e-mail with the pin codes that you have purchased, you have to have your own personal computer or laptop because it is recommended to access them on your personal computer and not the Internet cafe, especially if there is a change you will forget to log out afterwards and also, if you are working with a local dealer, they can provide you with the pins by meeting up with you and giving you CD or flash drive.

In case you are confused about printing your cards, you don't need to worry yourself, there are a few options that would be perfect for you. You can print your pin codes online, use special software or e-pin manager and then if you are unable to afford the expensive computers or printing press, you can receive a special device from the major card dealer which will allow you to print out your vouchers. Internet connection will not be necessary for printing out cards but it is crucial for the business because if you are dealing with someone who is far away from you, you will need the internet to keep in touch with them.

Now, what are the steps you will need to follow in starting this business, these are all the steps you need to start your recharge card printing business;

1. Good Computer with Internet connection

You must have a laptop or computer with good internet connection before you can start up this business. You can also attend the internet cafe all you need is just to be careful with the code pins. Good computer with good internet connections will surely help you to start the business successfully, and it will also help to print out correctly.

2. Dealer that will send software

Contact the mega-dealer who will supply you software and before you contact the dealer, you must be careful of the fake dealers, research on the good dealer that can supply you the software approximately.

3. Software downloading

After you've been send the software, download their software and install on your laptop, this is the more reason why you must get your own personal laptop because you may not be able to download any software on any cafe computer but when you have yours you are free to do anything you like, so, next step is to download the software that will be send to you and install them.

4. Recharge card pin codes

Next step is to order the recharge card pin codes on their website and pay money for it, once you order the pin codes, you will have to pay money for it.

5. Encrypted pin codes

Once you've paid the money for the pin codes, you will be sent some encrypted pin codes, they can be only de-encrypted with the help of software that was sent to you.

6. Using the software to de-encrypt the codes

You know you've been sent the software earlier, now, use the software to decrypted the codes and then print them out for sale.

If you have the primary tools for recharge cards production, good starting capital and a reliable person, this business could fetch you more money that will beyond your expectation, do you know that Nigerians spend about billions annually on recharge cards? And this indicate how important they are in everyday life of Nigerians, everyone needs to make calls, and for that they need their phones to be loaded with cards  and if you have the primary tools in starting up this business, you are free to go and you will surely smile at last to your bank.. I wish you best of lucks in the business...

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  1. Hello thanks for this great article

    Am about to start this business but I need different dealers to check there prices and select the one that has good rate, but I have been seen only one dealer online. Can you please share me all the dealer websites you know ? Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Well, the one I knew is high price as well but you can search for it on google to get the low price, there are many of them there but be very vigilant so that you won't be scam..