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How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2023 and Earn Quick

How to start affiliate marketing in 2023 and earn a decent amount from it

Affiliate marketing  is a popular way Internet marketers make money online.
If you learn the affiliate marketing and you understand it, you will earn passive income online. There is a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing, I have a friend that makes nothing less than $1000 monthly from affiliate marketing.

What's the meaning of affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is the act of earning a percentage from people's products and services. You help people promote their products and you get some cut from every sale you make. All you just have to do is to look for the best product you feel will make good sales. You promote it online and you get at about 10 to 20 percent from every sale you make. It's so simple,
you just need to understand how it works and how to attract customers to every product you promote.

There are three fundamental parties in affiliate marketing

(1) The retailer
The retailer is known as the merchant, the vendor, and the shop keeper. The retailer is the person that creates products and services, he or she is the real owner of the business.

(2) The publisher
A publisher is also an affiliate. They are two types of affiliates, there is a single affiliate and the whole organization.

A publisher is one who promotes the product and generates money for the company. The publisher will get a 10 to 20 percent commission from every
product he or she sells. Depending on the company he or she works with.

The publisher can sell a single product or numerous products and he will also convince customers about the product or service. They have a method of attracting customers to a business.

(3) Network:
A network can be in the form of a company that controls the product and also handles the revenue coming in.

If you own a business and you want to make use of these companies, you will make more sales than you expected.

Examples of affiliates companies on the internet

(1) Click bank.
(2) eBay
(3) Jumia
(4) Konga

They are lots of them on the internet but the ones I listed are the popular ones on the internet.

How you get paid in affiliate marketing

You get paid in three ways

(1) PPC:
PPC simply means pay per click,  it's the act of driving traffic to your
affiliate link and you get paid for every click you generated

(2) Pay per lead:
Pay per lead is when a publisher is paid for every action he generated
ranging from registration, survey, free trial, and many more.

(3) Per pay sales
Pay per sales is when a publisher gets paid a commission on every sale he
or she makes from a product.

How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

(1) Choose your preferred niche
A niche can be defined as a specialized market. For instance a niche product: they are tons of health products in the industry. If you want to choose a niche, try as much as possible to go for a good niche the one that has the potential of making good sales. Try to make in-depth research on every niche you come across, you don't go for any niche you find on the
internet.  Aside from health products they are other products that makes good sales. For instance the latest gadgets, latest phones, latest laptop accessories.

(2) Create a website or a good
Once you have gotten the right niche, then its time to create a blog or a website where you will promote the products.

Using a blog to promote your affiliate product is very beneficial because it will help you reach out to thousands of internet users. Creating a blog
or a website is not so difficult, you will just need a little capital.

(3) Publish articles on your blog or website
Once you've gotten a blog, the next thing to do is to publish articles for people to start reading.

Once you have a blog, you need to be very consistent in publishing articles on it, you need to publish at least ten articles and above on it every month. One thing you need to one about blogging is that you get a good
result the more you write.

(4) monetize your blog or website with an affiliate company
This is where the money starts coming from. Once your blog is set, start monetizing it with affiliate marketing networks and you get paid for every sale you make.

There are different ways of monetizing your blog with affiliate programs.

(i) Banner: you get paid to help advertisers place adverts on your blog.

(ii) Product review: you write about a product and you also get paid a from every sale you make.

(iii) Contextual links: this is when you get paid for every clicks you generate on the links and people performs an action on the link.

(5) Promote your blog
Don't expect to much traffic on a new blog. The only way you can get huge
traffic on a new blog is when you work very hard and also Invest a
reasonable amount of money on your blog.

You can promote your blog in various ways ranging from social media
promotion, email list, SEO, guest posting, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

They are paid adverts you can also go for like Facebook ads, Instagram ads,
Twitter ads, bing ads, and Google ads.

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