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How to Send and Receive Money with PayPal in Nigeria

How to Send and Receive Money with PayPal 

PayPal is a well known internet money service that enables you to receive and send money online from different sources. You can use payal to send money, receive money, withdraw money and make different transactions online. PayPal is available in different countries including Nigeria, if you would love to make use of PayPal. Go through all what I have jotted down in this article.  

PayPal is validated in over 200 countries according to the United States. Some years ago, Nigerians were banned from using paypal to do any online transaction, but sometimes in 2014, the restriction was slightly lifted, Nigerians were allowed to send money but they were not allowed to receive money. Nigerian paypal owners were allowed to use a personal account. It was very difficult to receive money. 

Sometimes in 2018, PayPal business account was introduced to Nigerians and you can use that to receive money and also send money.

PayPal business account was created for business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who who have online businesses. PayPal business account has helped a lot of people recieve payments and also make payments online, you can also create invoice with it. 

There are two types of PayPal account, we have a business account and a personal account. 

1. Business account :

 A business account is meant for buisness owners that wants to make payments online and also recieve payments online. If you create a business account, you will be given buisness plugins. You can add these plugins to your website and it will be displayed as payment option. 

2. Personal account: 

A personal account is meant for internet users who wants to make online transactions like buying things online. But you cant use a personal account to recieve money. 

Requirements for opening a personal account

(1) your name
(2) your email address
(3) your debit card or visa card. (Master care or visa card)
(4) your house address

Requirements for opening a business account

(1) Your full name
(2) your business name
(3) your company informations 
(4) your ID card ( government issued) 
(5) valid email address
(6) your phone number

I will be talking about a business account and how to create one for your self. 

How to open a business account in Nigeria

1. If you want to create a PayPal business account, you have to visit the website https://www.paypal.com/ng/merchantsignup/create 

2. Put your informations: Once you've visited the site, you put your real informations on it. Make sure you put your real informations on it or else the account will be ripped off. 

3. Confirm the email address: You will be asked to confirm your email account after creating an account, this is normal for every website registration. All you have to do is to visit your email and click on the link paypal sent to your email address. 

4. Start using your account: Once your account has been created then its time to manage it. You can decide to include some additional cards to it if you wish.

How to send money with your PayPal account

1. Login to your account

if you want to send money, just login to your PayPal account 

2. Look for send payment

You will look for send payment on the dashboard and you click on It. 

3. Enter the recipient details

Put the email and the name of the recipient.

4. State the amount you want to send

If you added a lot of cards to your email, you have to choose the one you want to use and put the amount you want to send. 

5. Click on send payment

After doing the necesary thing, you click on send payments.

6. Pay through invoice

You can tell the recipients to send you an invoice. You will see the invoice in your account and you click on pay. 

How to  recieve money with your PayPal

1. Logging to your business account

You can only receive money with  buisness account, a personal account  can not receive payment 

2. Set up payment on the website.

You will find the instruction on the payoal site, how to use paypal as  payment option on your site. You will receive payements from your clients from yout website. Just click on tools , for the instruction.

3. Send an invoice

You can send an invoice to your clients with your buisness account

4. Request for payments
You can order for funds from your clients

5. Use your paypal email to  receive payment.

You can use your business PayPal email address to receive money from clients.

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