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How to open an eco bank savings account

If you would love to gain access to your bank account right in your bed.
You have gotten to the right place, in this article, you will learn how to
access your bank account right in your house without moving an inch. You
will learn about ecobanks' savings accounts and some other useful
information and how you can create an account on your own.

Most banks in this millennium have an internet banking system which makes
things easier for every bank accounts owner.  If you have an online
account,  you will be able to receive money and also send money to people
in Nigeria and other countries.

If you have any problem, you can contact their customer care service, they
are available at any time of the day. Or you send them a mail, they will
respond to you within a few minutes or hours.

Advantages of opening an eco bank online savings account

(1) money transactions:
once you've opened an online bank account, you will be able to perform
different transactions like sending money to people, making payments
online, and also receiving payments.

(2) modified security
One of the advantages of opening an ecobank savings account is that they
use 128-bit encryption and that's one of the most effective encryption

(3) activities customer care representative
if you have any problem accessing your online bank account or you want to
make some significant inquiry,  you can reach out to them through their
customer care representatives. They are always active. They are ready to
pick your call at any time of the day. Or you can also contact them through
their email.

(4) ecobank social media accounts:
Ecobank has a Facebook page, Instagram page, twitter page. You can interact
with them through these pages and you can also get more information about
online banking through these pages. They will respond to your message.

If you already have a bank account, you don't need to create another bank
accounts because every bank account is entitled to Internet banking. All
you just need is to visit the nearest ecobank account and you tell them to
activate online banking dor you.

Here is a guideline on how to create an ecobank Internet bank account

(1) visit the eco bank website : The first thing to do when you want to
create an internet bank account is to visit the website and you click on
the icon where "apply for an account" is written

(2) select your country: you will be as to choose your county, you will
pick click Nigeria

(3) click on next: when you get to this page where you will find different
options, you chose internet banking on the list and you move to the next

(4) put your address: on this page, you will be asked to put your address.
Make sure you put your real address just in case there is any problem.

(5) fill another form contains your personal credentials:  you will be
asked to fill in your credentials. Make sure you put your real details.
Once you've put your real details, click on the icon where you find "next'

(6) print out the form: after this process, you will download a certain
form and you take it to the nearest cyber cafe and you print it out. You
can print it out your self but that's if you have a printer in your house.

(7) take the form to the eco bank: once you've printed the form, you will
take it to the nearest ecobank and that is where they will finalize the
whole process

(8) expect an email: once you are done with all the process, you will
receive an email that contains your login details. That's all.

Creating an online bank account is very easy, you can't do it all by
yourself self at your comfort zone.  The only time when you will have to
visit the nearest bank in your vicinity is when you are done with all the
process, then the bank will help you finalize your internet banking

Internet banking is very beneficial because it is fast, easy and very
reliable. If you have an internet bank account you don't have to visit any
bank to make transactions. You can do them on your own.

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