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How to Make Money by Reading News on New Websites That Pays

Have you ever thought about making money by reading news and commenting on news, if yes? You are on the right track. Reading news and commenting on  news is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You won't go through any stress by reading and commenting on the news. 

Sometimes in 2016, there was a trendy platform called NNU where you get paid to read news and comment on the news. But it ended up crashing.  Back then, NNU wasn't free. You have to pay before you join. So a lot of people signed up and created an account on NNU and risked their money.

In this article, I will be talking about a reliable website that will pay you to read and comment on the news. The platform is owned by a popular blogger and internet marketer named ifiokobong Lubanga.

The name of the platform is inforib, it was launched on the first of May 2020. 

Inforib pays its members to perform different task like commenting on post, read the news, and also refer others

If you would like to make money on the internet without any investment, inforib is among the platforms that will pay you for your task. The platform is free and very reliable. You will earn nothing less than #50,000 monthly on this platform if you understand it very well.

What is the inforib?

Inforib is a newly launched information hub on the internet, it was created by a popular Nigerian blogger named ifiokobong ibanga

This platform covers a lot of things, you will benefit from it if you understand what the platform is about. 

I know you must have joined tons of internet forums that claim to pay  for your activities but ended up crashing. 

inforib will never disappoint you if you join

How does this platform work?

Well, it is an Information hub that pays for every activity you partake in.

How does the platform make his money

Inforib makes money by running AdSense account and some other ad networks just like how some other bloggers earn. The money inforib earns on Adsense and otherer network is what they pay the members

If you are good at writing intresting and unique articles, you can make money on inforib. 

How do you make money on the platform?
(1) visit the website: shorturl.at/cmzL2
(2) click on sign up.
(3) put your real information on the form
(4) Click on I'm not a robot
(5) Click on terms and condition
(6) and lastly, you click on sign up

After signing up, logging to your dashboard to get an affiliate link. And once you have joined you will be credited with #1000 in your dashboard, that's for registration bonus. 

How do you earn on inforib

(1) if you publish an article, you get #500
(2)you earn #5 for asking questions
(3) you earn #5 for answering questions
(4) you earn #200 for eyewitness
(4) you earn #5 for reading news

How do you cash out on the platform
Once you have earned #5000 on your info rip dashboard, you can request for payment by sending a mail to [email protected] and make sure you use inforib cash out as the title

Inforib rules

(1) you must not have more than 1 account
(2)every answer you provide must be 100 words and above
(3) every article you publish on this platform must be 800 words and above
(4) you must log in before you submit any question or answer
(5) every question you ask must have an explanation of 50 words and above

Is this platform legit?

This is platform is super legit, you are not going to risk anything, neither are you investing anything. 

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