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How to Make Money Blogging without the use of AdSense

How to Make Money Blogging without the use of AdSense

They are various ways you can monetize a blog ranging from selling products or services, affiliate marketing, or placing ads on your blog.

A lot of bloggers mostly monetize their blog through Google Adsense and it helps them a lot. But I will be talking about something else.

In this article, you will get to know how to monetize your blog through sponsored posts. This strategy can fetch you a lot of money and it's more likely to drive organic traffic to your blog. And that's because there is a possibility that they are lots of people making research on the sponsored post you published on your blog.

What does sponsored really imply?
Sponsor can be clarified as the act of publishing articles for advertisers, brands, or agencies.

If you would love to make money writing a sponsored post, you have gotten to the right place. In this article, I will be listing three platforms that will pay you two write sponsored posts. Just read all that I have compiled in this article.

If you get a sponsored post-gig, you are expected to write your opinion on a particular thing. Before you write the sponsored post, you will definitely get in touch with the brand owner or the advertisers, you can also be sent a direct email for the gig. A sponsored post is a lucrative way of making money blogging but lots  of bloggers are not aware of that. Before you can make money by offering a sponsored post service, your blog needs to have a very high DA( domain authority)

What's does domain authority mean?

Domain authority simply means the way your blog is being searched on Google and other search engines.

How do I know my domain authority?
If you want to know your domain Authority, just visit this site www.smallseotoolstation.com and you click on domain authority, after clicking on domain authority then you will be taken to another page. On that page, you put the  your blog link on it and click on the check icon.
If you want to make money from offering sponsored post service, Your domain authority should start from 30 and above, although some brands accept less than that if your blog has 30 and above, you are good to go.

Here are a list and guideline on how to money by writings sponsored posts

Fiverr is a very popular platform on the internet with thousands of reviews. A lot of people earn a fortune on this platform. I have a friend that makes nothing less than $1000 monthly on Fiverr. If you have a blog and you would love to make money writing a sponsored post, Fiverr is the best platform where you will get lots of clients to write for. This platform has thousands of people that are ready to hire you for a job.

If you want to get started on Fiverr just visit the website and create an account as a seller. After setting up an account, you logging every day and you click on a request to bid for a gig, if you stumble upon the buyer, you send them a proposal and once your proposal is accepted, you can now  revd your service. But my advice for you is to buy lots of courses or make in-depth research on how to make money on Fiverr because Fiverr is so complicating, it's not easy to get on Fiverr and start earning. 

Getblogged.net has been on the Internet for some time now but not all the bloggers are aware of this platform, you can make money on this platform if you put your mind to it. If you want to earn on this platform, visit the website www.getblogged.net and you click on sign up, you will be taken to a page where you will put all your details. After that, you logging every day and click on market place to check for sponsored post jobs. If your blog reaches any of the criteria, you apply, and if you get approved you write for the advertiser and the money will be paid into your dashboard. And you will withdraw it into your PayPal account.

(3) valued voice

This site was formerly known as a linked vehicle then it was later changed to a valued voice, it's a very good platform where you will make money by writing a sponsored posts for different brands  started, visit the website
www.Valuedvoice.com and you submit your blog after submitting your blog and your account is fully created, you wait for sponsored post opportunity every month and you receive payments into your PayPal account.
In addition to what I have talked about, make sure to add the description and category of your blog when you are signing up for an account on these platforms.

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