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How to hide mobile phone in exam hall

Everyone as at one point has wanted to bring in their mobile phone into the exam hall, but some people are brave to bring their their mobile phone to the exam hall while some people are not brave enough to bring in the mobile phone into the exam hall. It might probably be because it is their first time of cheating or they are scared or because they don't know how to hide the mobile phone if the even bring it into the exam hall.
          Well today I'll be teaching you various ways in which you can hide your mobile phone in exam hall, just read through the various ways listed below but for guaranteed safety make sure your phone is on silent mode.

1. The shoe
Did you you can hide your phone in your shoe you are shocked or thinking how well its quite easy. There is a shoes designed for this type of situation these are boots, if you don't have a boot then go and buy one cause it will come on handy for you, so what you have to is cut your boots sole and make a space with you can easily slide your phone in and out it's that's easy.

2. The sleeve
This one is quite easy because you will make use of your jacket well everyone has a jacket  if you don't have a jacket go and get one. So what you have to do is to slide your phone in the arm of your jacket which will prevent it from falling off and you can easily remove it and use it to cheat on your test and exam as you can see I told you it's quite easy.

3 Do not disturb
This is very very important and without this you can get caught while cheating on a test or exam with your phone so Make sure you put your phone on do not disturb when you want to bring it in to the exam or test because your phone might ring or a notification sounds and you might get caught.

4 sock trick
This is very simple too and you will need a big long trouser and socks for this to work so on the day of your exam all you have to do is wear your shoe,socks and the big trouser then you will put the phone in the socks and it will be held firmly with the elastic on the sock so it won't fall off.

5 stash it in the bathroom
Another good way to hide your mobile phone is to stash it in the bathroom this one is for people who are to scared to bring the phone into the exam hall not to talk of using the phone in the exam hall so you can easily go to the bathroom where you stashed your phone and easily check for your answers.

6 Hide it in your locker
This is a very smooth way for you to bring in your phone to the exam hall all you have to do is to come to your locker before the exam starts and hide your phone in the locker then when you come for the exam you can easily remove it and use it.

Well that's the few of the various ways in which you can hide mobile phone in the exam hall, just be brave and follow one of the various ways to hide your mobile phone and face your fear and you won't be caught.

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  1. Nice. A motivational quote for my cheating